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McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit: Isn't coffee usually served hot?

McDonald’s hot coffee is the target of yet another law suit today after a woman claims she was scalded by hot coffee. Gretchen Carlson of Fox News asks an obvious question, “Didn’t she know that coffee is supposed to be hot?”

McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit: Isn't coffee served hot?

According to Fox News live on Jan. 13, this woman is calling the McDonald’s staff “careless” for serving her such a hot cup of coffee. This case has shades of one of the most “infamous verdicts in modern history,” suggests the Raw Story today.

Back 20 years ago a New Mexico woman was awarded $2.9 million after she was scalded by hot coffee served to her at a local McDonalds. Later a judge slashed the award to $640,000 and the woman received an undisclosed amount when they finally settled out of court.

That award was founded on the severity of the woman’s burns in the 1992 case and the fact that McDonald’s instructed their franchises that the coffee was to be served at hot temperatures, which are known to be dangerous.

This new suit is pointing to the lid, which was “carelessly” put on the top of the cup the coffee was in. The lid came off at the drive-thru window at McDonald’s and the hot coffee spilled all over the plaintiff sitting in her car.

Paulette Carr is the woman suing a McDonald’s in Van Nuys, California for these coffee burns she received two years ago, back in Jan. of 2012. The suit is asking for an unspecified amount in monetary damages for medical expenses, lost wages and loss of earning capacity. She is also asking for any future medical attention she may need due to this injury to be covered financially.

Neither Carr’s lawyer nor McDonald’s have commented on the lawsuit. The severity of her injuries are unknown.

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