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McDonald’s employee punches mom when asked for cheese on Happy Meal

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It was Burger King that utilized the slogan “Have It Your Way,” not McDonald’s. A Brooklyn mom learned that the hard way when a McDonald’s cashier allegedly punched her for asking for cheese on her son’s Happy Meal, according to the New York Post on Jan. 22.

Gui Ying Shi, 35, sued a Brooklyn McDonald’s franchise after cashier Marisol Acosta allegedly punched her. Why? The mom ordered a cheeseburger Happy Meal for her son and got a hamburger meal instead. Mom asked for the cheese and the situation quickly deteriorated, according to Lawrence Glynn, plaintiff’s attorney.

She starts cursing at her, calls her stupid, said, ‘You need to learn to speak English,’ ” Glynn said. “Ms. Acosta throws a left cross to Ms. Shi’s right jaw. Knockout! Knocks out a tooth.”

Glynn claims that none of the management personnel present interfered or tried to stop the incident. Accordingly, this would make them liable for the cashier’s actions.

There are two sides to every story, though. The defense attorney claimed that the punch was not really a “punch,” but more of a slap. He also claimed that management responded quickly by immediately firing the cashier.

The trial is currently ongoing in Brooklyn’s Supreme Court.