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McDonald’s diet man sheds 37 pounds

Teacher uses McDonalds to lose 37 pounds
Teacher uses McDonalds to lose 37 pounds
Teresa Hofmann

The Today Show produced a diet segment about a 90 day McDonald’s food diet called “Lovin’ it & Losin’ it”. They interviewed John Cisna a middle-aged high school teacher who lost 37 pounds all while teaching his class about calories. Cisna lost the weight, inches and lowered his cholesterol by eating 2,000 calories’ worth of McDonald’s food every day for 90 days.
Joy Bauer a Today Contributor helped explain some of the process that went on to recording the event with John and his students. According to Joy “the diet was very high in sodium and that a diet coke for breakfast was not the best choice”.

It broke down the 2,000 calories as a sample menu ate on October 13th which included:
Egg white delight
Sausage burrito
Fruit and maple oatmeal
Large diet coke
Southwest salad
Fruit and yogurt parfait
Grilled chicken sandwich
Caesar salad with grilled chicken
Small fries
Large diet coke

Cisna’s starting weight was 280.2 pounds and ending weight 243.2 a total of 37 pounds loss which is very noticeable in the before and after photos. His cholesterol went from 249 to 170 a 32% decrease and he said that he felt better. According to John “He will be continuing this diet until March 2014".
90 day programs are still very popular, such as P90X and Supreme90 that include exercise and diet. But a diet such as the Taco Bell diet and now the McDonalds diet you have to wonder are these types of diets sending the wrong nutritional message to the public?

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