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McDonald’s diet? Man loses 35 pounds expanding a ‘Super Size Me’ concept

John Cisna ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at his local McDonald’s for 30 days and lost 35 pounds. The teacher in Iowa was conducting and experiment and in the process ended up with a completely different outcome than the movie “Super Size Me.” According to My Fox 8 on Saturday, the man constructed his daily food with the help of students so his calorie intake was no more than 2,000 calories.

While people might assume that his diet was full of salads, the teacher revealed he ate burgers, sundaes and everything else on the menu. The only catch was that he consumed no more than 2,000 calories. Along with the food, he increased his exercising routine by walking 45 minutes every day to balance out the food he ate. We know that walking will burn fat and wonder what would have happened if the exercise had not been started. Were the results skewed by adding on the new regimen?

Only 30 days later the teacher revealed his waistline to the students and he was much thinner and his cholesterol level dropped from 249 to 170. Recently CEO, Don Thompson also claimed to have lost weight while dining daily at McDonald's. Will other dieters soon follow suit?

The New York Daily Post points out Cisna's result was entirely different from the “Super Size Me” movie that was a documentary on eating at McDonald's. The 2004 film with Morgan Spurlock also ate every day at McDonald's for 30 days, but he gorged with a 5,000 calorie day intake. Spurlock gained weight instead of losing any weight.

The different results between Cisna and Spurlock appears quite dramatic. As John Cisna has simply pointed out, those folks who make logical decisions to keep an eye on the calories and exercise can dine at fast food restaurants.

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