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McDonald’s answers Taco Bell with free coffee for breakfast

McDonald's answers Taco Bell with free coffee for breakfast!
McDonald's answers Taco Bell with free coffee for breakfast!
Marcus Macleod, flickr

The Associated Press reported on March 28, 2014 that McDonald’s is striking back at their new breakfast competition Taco Bell by offering free coffee to customers.

Taco Bell began serving breakfast nationwide on Thursday after a select market test run in August 2013.

McDonald’s has dominated the fast food breakfast industry for years, as breakfast makes up 20 percent of their U.S. sales.

McDonald’s is fighting hard to keep those numbers so beginning Monday, March 31 participating U.S. stores will give small cups of McCafe for free to a customer only during breakfast hours.

It will be at the discretion of the participating location if they choose to do free refills.

McDonald’s said, this is the first time they have done a nationwide promotion of their coffee since beginning the McCafe line in 2009.

However customers need to know the promotion is for a limited time only from March 31 to April 13, 2014.

McDonald’s hopes the promotion will entice new customers try a breakfast sandwich with their free coffee.

The fast food giant also believes the promotion is great for the regular customers because it saves them some money by not having to purchase coffee for two weeks.

Taco Bell started this fury of a new fast food breakfast war with their clever breakfast television ad that began airing on Thursday.

Taco Bell owned by Yum Brands Inc, who also own KFC and Pizza Hut came out swinging by using McDonald’s beloved clown name Ronald McDonalds in all their ads.

Taco Bell chose men from different regions name Ronald McDonald and used them in their ad eating and enjoying their breakfast line up; of waffle taco, steak and egg burritos, cinnabon delights, sausage crunch wrap and sausage flatbread melt.

When you first hear the name Ronald McDonald you automatically think McDonald’s beloved clown, but now that name also has another meaning because of Taco Bell’s new ad for breakfast.

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