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McDonald's Advertising

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McDonald's has been around since the 1940s, and started as a mom and pop operation like many of the fast-food restaurant chains that are in business today.

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McDonald’s became a franchise in 1955 and began advertising McDonald's hamburgers for 15 cent and in 1993 McDonald s proudly began advertising on McDonald's signs everywhere that more than 100 billion hamburgers has been sold.

Since the 1950s McDonald's has changed and upgraded it’s advertising menu and have added 15 different types of hamburgers, 13 types of Chicken sandwich's, 15 types of flour tortilla wraps, 1 filet-o-fish, 1 McRib sandwich, 4 types of premium salads, 5 types of breakfast muffins, 4 types of breakfast biscuits, 3 types of McGriddles, 2 types of bagels, 1 southern style chicken biscuit, sausage burrito, big breakfast, hot cakes and sausage, hot cakes, cinnamon melts, hash browns, fruit & maple oatmeal, fruit & yogurt parfait, and many different type of drink selections to choose from when ordering from the menu.

Click on the website link below to view McDonald’s full menu.

From the 1950s till 2014 the advertising campaigns have changed to focus more on healthy choices like a low calorie menu, while still advertising products to those who like to eat everything from the regular menu.

Click on the website link below to view a list of the McDonald’s low calorie menu.

McDonald’s dollar menu, extra value menu, happy meal, mighty kids meal, and special advertising promotions from the menu helps to keep McDonald’s at the top of the QSR website.

McDonald’s most recent advertising campaign features a free small coffee during breakfast from March 31 through April 13 and get a 2nd sandwich when you buy any extra value meal.