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McCool favored by constitutional conservatives in Texas Senate District 11 race

Texas Senate District 11 Republican primary race is largely negative with candidates Dave Norman and incumbent State Senator Larry Taylor sniping at each other with negative ads. At one district address, the Norman campaign has delivered no less than 11 mailers with over half being overtly negative. The Taylor campaign also has delivered a minimum of 7 political mailers with 3 being negative. Daniel McCool, also a candidate for Texas Senate District 11 in the Republican primary has not delivered any political mailers, good or bad to that same address.

District map with 2012 boundaries.
Texas Legislative Council

However, the endorsements for Daniel McCool will interest the district’s constitutional conservative voters. Radio host Michael Berry has openly supported McCool saying, “Talk is cheap. Daniel McCool takes action. Our Republic was designed for men like Daniel to serve. I hope the District will make the bold choice for one of my heroes, Daniel McCool."

Among the others endorsing Daniel McCool is Saddle Up Texas, who showed McCool with a 75% share of the conservative voters who participated in their January 2012 straw poll, and black conservative activist Apostle Claver, founder of Raging Elephants.

“ is convinced that Daniel McCool will elevate the level of conservative representation and legislation that the citizens of Southeast Texas desire and deserve. Daniel McCool is by far the best candidate to become the next public servant in the Texas State Senate representing Senatorial District 11." ~ Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani, Chairman & Executive Director,

Election Day is Tuesday May 29th for the Texas primaries.

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