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McConkey invented fun on wide boards


  Photo by:  Wendy Reeve s

A major invention in the sport of skiing is the shaped ski.  Shane McConkey, extreme skiing champion, made it clear that he liked wide boards.  He demonstrated this by skiing down a 2,000 foot slope in water skis in 2003.  Ski magazines are  featuring this amazing man of creativity in this months issues.  We lost McConkey in a ski parachuting accident off of a cliff  this year and skiers across the nation are grieving. 

If you have not been on skis since this new invention, please give these new shaped skis a try.  McConkey proved that these skis really rock since they do more of the work for you.  If you can ski good in the old straight skis; you will ski great in a pair of new shaped skis. 

Shaped skis have been around long enough that you can find a good used pair for under a hundred bucks.  All ski resorts carry shaped skis in the rental shops.  So don't let the high cost of the brand new stuff scare you away from this addicting sport.

McConkey loved to have fun and knew how to find it with skis.  He left an unforgettable legacy for the skiing industry that will live forever.

Find some wide boards and go skiing to create some lasting memories with your family.  One of the most powerful things you can do is invent some fun in your life.