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McClung House

There is a sweet little home located over on Main Street that is very appealing with the exception of it's dark history. Back in 1870 this simple house was built and before 1901 had no dark history to report. Around 1901 a couple moved in by the name of John and Rebecca McClung. This was when the dark history started. John was a very jealous guy who and very possessive of his wife, Rebecca. Since Rebecca was not allowed to be seen out in public she could be seen looking down from a window in the the house, admiring the outside. One day they heard screams coming from the house. When the house was investigated after the screams the scene was not what they expected. They found John with the log that he used to kill his wife. The blood matched Rebecca's blood but after the arrest of John McClung the evidence didn't stand up in court and he was acquitted. They say she haunts the house but also can be seen walking the graveyard where she is buried. At the house she can seen looking out of the top bedroom window. They say that she wanders around the cemetery because she is upset that he husband, John, was buried next to her and was never convicted of her murder.

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