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McCaughey septuplets are 16, talk sibling bond and bullying

McCaughey septuplets turn 16-years-old in Iowa
McCaughey septuplets turn 16-years-old in Iowa
ABC News

The McCaughey septuplets have turned 16-years-old, and have been a worldwide story since their birth in 1997.

Born in Iowa, the seven siblings became the first septuplets to survive infancy. Now, they are thriving, as ABC News recently caught up with the big family.

For most, living with a sibling or two is normal. Seven under one roof, however, can seem more than just a little taxing.

But for this clan, their bond is tight. They stick together and have each other’s backs.

To these septuplets, having so many siblings under one room is actually a pretty cool thing.

“There’s more opinions in the house,” Kelsey said. “And just more people to hang out with and get close to and just tell anything to. It’s fun.”

The names of all seven kids are as follows: Kenny, Alexis, Natalie, Kelsey, Nathan, Brandon and Joel. Two of the kids, Nathan and Alexis, have cerebral palsy.

Like any kids who get older and have to go through awkward phases, the siblings say that they’ve had to endure the topic of the year: Bullying.

“I guess they don’t like us because we’re different from a lot of people,” says Kenny, as he discusses the possible attitudes of his family’s haters.

“Like, it’s not normal for a mom to have seven kids at once.”

That’s true. It’s not. But it makes for one amazing story. Even sixteen years later.

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