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McCartney guitarist 'chuffed' by fans' birthday charity donation

Paul McCartney and Brian Ray perform at the 2012 Grammy Awards.
Paul McCartney and Brian Ray perform at the 2012 Grammy Awards.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Julie Clark of the Whooray Team, a group of fans of Paul McCartney guitarist Brian Ray, reported to us Jan. 17 that they once again this year raised a big sum of money in his name to honor Ray's Jan. 4. birthday.

“The WhoorayTeam has raised $500 this year for and Brian is going to match our contribution!,” she said. “We have raised over $1,800 in three years of fundraising. Donations have come from three countries and USA states from California to Virginia – coast to coast!”

The group donated $650 to MusiCares in 2012 and $665 for cancer treatment in 2013.

Clark says it's only natural they would honor Brian.

“As I've said before, Brian exemplifies giving – he leads by example and practices what he preaches. We in the WhoorayTeam appreciate the music and the wonderful person Brian is. We're very pleased to be able to come together and do this as a small token of our appreciation,” she said.

Other fans were equal with their praise. “Brian Ray is so generous with his talents, bringing us joy, and his charitable giving, I just wanted to contribute in honor of everything he does for us,” said Deb. “His passion for his music, performing and living life to the fullest is contagious! The contribution for his birthday is my way to say thank you, Brian Ray, for all you do!”

And Gabriela said, “Brian gives us happiness and joy by his music. This is our way to give back and pass these feelings forward.”

In a statement, Brian Ray said he was touched by the fans' donations.

“I am chuffed (surprised and touched) by this stunning exhibit of kindness from my friends (who call themselves fans, under the "Whooray Team" moniker). For the fourth year, these several women and a few good men from all over the world have donated to one of my favorite charities, in my name, on the occasion of my recent birthday. They all got together online from the UK, Brazil, Argentina, Japan and the USA to collect a grand total of $500.

“I was so moved to see this in my email that I will be matching their donation amount with a gift of my own. In recent years they have given -- in my name -- to MusiCares and Pet Adoption Fund as well. These cool people, and acts like these are the best reason to write and record indie music! Spread the love of music, share it, and good things happen.”

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