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It seems like some of the appointments to the current administration are being questioned. Many are turning out to be Marxist or at least have Marxist ties. All of a suddenly, McCarthyism is being invoked and recalled!

To those of you who were not alive in the 1950's, Joe McCarthy was a Senator from Wisconisn in the late 40s and 50s. In late 1949 he was approached by three men with an FBI study obtained from the Pentagon, reporting on the subversive activities of the State Department employees. McCarthy decided to hold hearings about these activities. McCarthy's judgements were often hasty and his actions rash. His statements were ill considered and his research limited

When McCarthy proceeded to uncover the immense Communist infiltration of democratic government and free society, his conduct was sometimes objectionable, but his premise was not. They crucified the messenger and tried to discredit the information.  Nothing has changed. People like Van Jones and others have Marxist ties, but the media ignores it. Most agree with this type of thinking.

This leads to the question that some are asking "by appointing Marxists or Communists to high positions in the government, does this jeopardize the security of our country? If it does, than can a President be impeached? Bill Clinton was impeached for much less.

Would this be considered "High crimes and misdemeanors"? It essentially means bad behavior. James Mason and James Madison argued that the reasons given for impeachment, treason and bribery, were not enough. They worried that other "great and dangerous offenses" might not be covered. Mason then proposed the "high crimes" phrase which was well known in English common law. In 18th century language, a misdemeanor was bad behavior.

"High crimes...." doesn't refer to a criminal act, but to egregious, grossly incompetent or negligent behavior. By appointing Marxists, doesn't that show malevolence toward this country? It is surely negligent if anyone appointed to power was not properly "vetted".

It's OK to call people who disagree with the President, racists, but when someone who calls an appointee a Marxist, he is un-American! Freedom of speech goes both ways. You may disagree with what I say and I with you, but I defend your right to say it!

Care to know about McCarthy? Check out the book McCarthy by Roy Cohn published by The New American Library or McCarthy and His Enemies by William Buckley and L. Bren Bozell published by Arlington House.


  • NotaTeaBagger 5 years ago

    Do you even have a clue what Marxism is? You wrong-wingers have a tendancy to label people that don't agree with your world view. McCarthy was a prime example of this and was approriately dismissed for his treasonous persecution of American citizens.