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McCain flopping on the border

Arizona Senators McCain and Flake
Arizona Senators McCain and Flake
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

What’s this did McCain just wake from a coma? He has suddenly come to the realization that immigration reform must wait until the border is secure. Well, welcome to the party John. It’s about time you take a stand for our existing laws that our President has constantly broken. We need some law and order in this country not more of the liberty limiting, freedom diminishing legislation we’ve encountered the past six years. Case in point it’s finally made public that we’re paying the new $8 billion Obamacare tax!

But wait, just as McCain gets your hopes up you see that he still wants that “Gang of Eight” bill passed that will surly tank the economy and send unemployment skyrocketing for American citizens. The roller coaster goes on as McCain admits it could take a couple of years to secure the border and then then blames the House for holding things up. For the sake of America, pray that he doesn’t seek another term.

Those who were or are in favor of Obamacare will be disappointed to hear that in addition to all the medical increases the taxpayer has had to endure there will be an addition $8 billion due to insurers in 30 days who pass it on to us. Yes, private insurers are passing the tax onto you. So, i.e. you are paying for illegal alien’s medical expenses, deadbeats’ and expenses you probably don’t care to.

With that in mind wouldn’t it make sense to obey and enforce the laws we have now instead of creating new ones that drowns us in debt?