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MBFW highlight: Alon Livne Fall 2014 presentation

From his humble beginnings as an intern and as a contestant of Israel’s version of "Project Runway," Alon Livne has climbed the fashion ladder to dressing celebrities such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga. His new collection is inspired by themes from George Melford’s silent film, “The Sheik,” which shows early imperialism in Morocco.

Alon Livne Fall 2014
Getty Images

These themes are prevalent in his collection as the headdresses have some Middle Eastern and oriental elements. His muse this season was the eldest daughter of international royalty, with a gentle and graceful vision to evoke the paradox of intellect and naiveté. As well as sincerity coupled with curiosity of a blossoming sensuality. This Fall/Winter 2014 collection shows her journey into foreign lands, new countries, and self-discovery.

The collection focused on organic and simple shell shapes heavily adorned with beautiful crystals. Many of the silhouettes were classic with embroidery cascading like waterfalls down the sleeves. Others formed swirls and decorative patterns across the chest, while artfully crafted crystal headpieces elevated the collection to another level. To allow the crystals to be further emphasized, the color palette for the collection included black, navy, and nude pink. Having these bases for the intricate crystal designs drew our eyes to the details. There was an ethereal element in the collection from the combination of the crystal embroidery to the understated tones of the garments.

Livne has definitely ascended the fashion ladder from being a humble intern, to working in premiere luxury European fashion houses, to owning a strong bridal business, and now blowing us away with this collection. His work is revered internationally and we are excited to see more!

Vivian Chen contributed reporting.

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