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MBA Jobs for a glittering career

Getting a degree in MBA is highly preferred considering the competition in jobs and the high demands of employers when it comes to hiring candidates. Getting an MBA degree is the only solution to sustain the high level of competition. MBA degree loads you with the skills which are of utmost importance to every business, leading you to become a successful business manager or a business owner if you are looking at being an entrepreneur. Team leader or manager are the profiles which are generally offered to such candidates. Skills like operations management, people's management, and financial management are certain sub-sets of an MBA degree which are brought to the table by MBA graduates and are highly valued by employers.
MBA's were earlier confined to sector such as finance and consulting; now more and more opportunities are being generated in manufacturing and healthcare sectors. MBA Jobs in consulting, finance, banking, manufacturing and healthcare are highly lucrative and rewarding with enormous growth opportunities. MBA jobs in healthcare and energy sectors are quite attractive in terms of salaries and growth prospects, owing to the rise in demand for skilled managers. Energy sector in India remains untapped, and with the government's reforms to harness energy from natural resources has led to burgeoning demands of qualified leaders and managers for this sector.

Top Companies hiring MBA's
MBA Jobs are made available to all the candidates pursuing their degree from a regular institutions. However, there remains certain section of candidates which are not able to land with a job during placement drives in their colleges. Nevertheless, all these candidates are hired by employers if the candidate demonstrates the possession of the skills which are of prime importance for an employer. Finding MBA Jobs is not a daunting task, all thanks to the advent of internet where anyone and everyone can network with professionals, look for jobs and apply for them. Looking for a MBA Job, can easily be done on any of the job portals where the job openings are available with wide spectrum of employers along with a plethora of job profiles which one can apply for depending on their specialization which was a part of their curriculum. An MBA degree is respected and recognized globally and allows you to look for jobs beyond borders which means fatter paychecks and exposure to a global business environment.

Pay Scale For MBA Degree Holders:
Salaries offered in MBA jobs depend up on your specialization, work experience and also on the institution attended. Here we have gathered average annual compensation offered for MBA jobs profiles such as human resource manager, business analysts and project managers.
A Human Resources Manager has an earning potential of Rs 584,287 per year. As the number of years in this function increase, a human resources manager earns an average salary of Rs 779,199
As for an Entry-Level Business Analyst role, in IT sector the annual compensation can go up to Rs 447,620 per year. In mid-career a Business Analyst can expect their annual compensation to rise some where up to Rs 756,066. Once you have established your career in this domain the annual remuneration will go up to Rs 1,004,085 per year. For marketing related functions, an entry-level Marketing Manager is offered Rs 467,937 annually, mid-career marketing manager earns an average salary of Rs 727,854 per year. After earning 5-7 years of experience in this function an experienced marketing manager can expect their earning potential to be around Rs 880,638 per year.
For project management in IT sector entry-level profiles are offered annual compensation up to Rs 614,975, the next pay band will be somewhere around Rs 1,003,839 and once you survive in this industry for 5-8 years expect your annual compensation to touch anywhere between Rs 1,233,414 to Rs 1,421,573 per year. All these figures have been accumulated from PayScale.

Start-ups hot favorites for MBA's
Start-ups are a hot favorite among-st the top graduates from premier B-Schools such as IIMs and ISB. Top management graduates are turning down offers from big-brands from finance and consulting domain, and going for offers thrown at them by start-ups. With the growing popularity of e-commerce platform, the jobs offered by these start-ups are challenging and are generally been taken up those aiming at being an entrepreneur. The growing popularity of e-commerce jobs can be validated by reports obtained from Nielsen, where the findings led to the conclusion that; investment banking, one of the most sought after job role by MBA's has lost it's sheen and has come down to 10th place, because of the economy falling flat on its face and the uncertainty that the economy has to deal with. MBA's have started boarding the bandwagon of start-up jobs turning down offers from other sectors.

MBA jobs are widespread in metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. Job openings for MBA's are available in banking and finance domain. Which is the preferred career path by many of the MBA degree holders, as the growth is swift and the compensation is at par with industry standards. With the positive signs of revival of the Indian economy, employers are aggressively hiring for MBA's with leadership skills and emotional intelligence. Employers too have devised plans to up scale the hiring of MBA degree holders and downsize the hiring of candidates with just an undergraduate degree.

MBA jobs are for those who are born leaders and can plan, strategize keeping in mind the bigger picture. An MBA degree will allow you to see the world from a larger perspective to manage a business. It also imbibes in you the traits to overcome unforeseen obstacles and finding ways to overcome them. Employers look for leaders who can drive their businesses to profits with consistence; during the troubling economic times as they have the skills, knowledge and expertise to help organizations survive tough times.

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