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Mazie's Mission raises more than $ 30,000 to open new animal care clinic

Mazie's 30 in 30 Challenge
Mazie's Mission

Mazie’s Mission, a Frisco-based animal rescue agency, is pleased to announce that, thanks to a $20,000 single donation, they have raised more than $30,000 in 30 days to open their new clinic.

According to Erin Shults, DVM and CEO of Mazie’s Mission, animal non-profit organization Companions for Life recently received a significant donation from the estate of Julia Dagny Julsrud and decided to make the $20,000 donation to Mazie’s to ensure the money was used to benefit as many local animal rescue groups and shelters as possible.

“This is our largest single donation during our month-long fundraising campaign and we are so very grateful to Companions for Life and Ms. Julsrud’s estate. In total, we’ve raised $38,650, which is absolutely amazing and thanks to our generous donors,” explained Shults.

“We are very close to signing the lease on our clinic so we are hopeful that we can open in January.” Mazie’s Mission’s veterinary clinic in Frisco will be open to shelters and rescue organizations exclusively. It will provide provide discounted medical care and forensic research to shelters, rescue groups, first responders and other non-profit animal welfare groups.

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