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Mazda’s unusual auto show display to feature topless models

Mazda has announced today that it will have a conventional booth in the main hall showing all its current cars, but upstairs on level 3 will have booth with just topless models for attendees to gawk at. Mazda will attempt to create a buzz around its display. Instead of a focus on its largest selling cars like the new Mazda 3 and excellent CX-5 crossover, or on the new concept version of the good looking Mazda 2 it calls Hazumi, the company will instead try to appeal to attendees' sense of adventure.

Mazda Car Show Display
Photo courtesy of and shyejyh

The topless models in Mazda's special 3rd floor display will feature 25 years of convertible Miatas and MX-5s from the first generation to the current model. That’s what you thought we meant, right? The next generation MX-5 Miata will not be on display. Expected to be a 2016 model, the new MX-5 Miata will be built in a new partnership with Fiat. The MX-5 will be styled by Mazda and most likely use only Mazda engines. Fiat’s version will be sold as an Alfa Romeo and will have Italian styling, but will share the rear-drive platform with the version Mazda produces. This will save on costs and allow the two automakers to produce a low-volume sports car that otherwise would not make financial sense. The current MX-5 was designed and produced while Mazda enjoyed a partnership with Ford, however the car has a used an engine made by Mazda exclusive to the MX-5 and the rear-drive platform was not used to underpin any Ford cars.

The New York Auto Show begins April 18th at the Jacob Javits Center.

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