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Mazda RX-7 set to return in 2016

An artists's rendering of what the Mazda RX-7 in 2016 might look like
An artists's rendering of what the Mazda RX-7 in 2016 might look like
Mazda Kabura design of Japan and

Autocar announced earlier this evening (Jan. 10,2014) that officials at Mazda confirmed plans to bring back their famed Mazda RX-7. Along with the sleek styling and nimble handling that defined the legendary Mazda RX-7, Mazda will bring back a fire breathing rotary engine that follows in the footsteps of the infamous 1.3L 13B wankel engine. Earlier rumors peg this new rotary to push out 250 HP.

According to Autocar,

Executives admit that the car and a new rotary engine are under development and that a launch date has been included in Mazda’s long-term product plan, publicised at the Tokyo show as ‘five new cars by the end of FY [financial year] 2016’.

Head of design for this RX-7 will be the Ikuo Maeda son of the original Mazda RX-7 designer, Matasaburo Maeda.Ikuo Maeda already has a few design notches with Mazda underneath his belt, taking the lead on the Mazda2 and Mazda RX-8. This new 2016 Mazda RX-7 will pay homage to the original RX-7 but will take styling cues and overall design inspiration from the 2015 Mazda Miata.

Rumors about the comeback of the rotary where further fueled when Mazda revealed a 330cc rotary unit found in Mazda's Mazda2 concept. Although having none of the characteristics of the rotary (13B) much loved by enthusiasts, it was rotary technology being nurtured and developed nonetheless.

Most likely, this new Rotary will be a twin-rotor design and have little a less than 1.3L (or 600cc per rotor). Power output, good mileage and reliability will be greatly improved over the original 13B. In addition, Mazda is bent on improving tip-sealing tech (the point where the rotary meets the bell housing) to improve on leakage, a problem that has plagued rotary owners since the first rotaries hit the roads.

Targets for the new generation Wankel were clear from the very beginning: to reduce fuel and oil consumption, and improve low-end torque.

Many close competitors like the Scion FR-S and the Nissan 370Z might offer more powerful engines, but the 2016 Mazda RX-7 will rely on strong points which have made it a legend it was back then (Primarily a light weight engine and chassis as well as superior handling characteristics.)

Twitter is already abuzz with people ecstatic at the return of a legendary JDM Car.

Be sure to follow Mazda USA on twitter at and Lithia Mazda of Fresno at for all the latest news on Mazda's coming from corporate and here locally in the Central Valley.

If you simply can't wait for the Mazda RX-7 to make its return, head on over to Fresno Mazda at 5200. N Blackstone Ave. Fresno, Calif or give them a call at 855.236.2678.

Source: Autocar

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