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Mayweather wins in a tough fight

Mayweather lands a stiff right hand to Maidana
Mayweather lands a stiff right hand to Maidana
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather continues to make history by winning his 46th fight in a row and adding the World Boxing Association welterweight title to his list of world championships. Mayweather beat Marcos Maidana in a majority decision in Las Vegas last night, as the largely Hispanic crowd roared it's disapproval. According to CompuBox, Maidana connected on 221 punches, the most of any opponent of Mayweather in all of his fights. It was hard to see that many clean connections on Mayweather and Floyd agrees, "Where did he land that many punches? He was hitting me in the back, in the thighs, holding, I thought I was in a WWE wrestling match. I like referee Tony Weeks, but this was not one of his better nights and I do not want him to referee the rematch, if there is one."

Maidana, 34-4, came out blazing as most people thought. He was all over Mayweather, throwing punches from all over the place. Some landed, but most went over Mayweather's head, but did get the crowd excited. World Champion, Bernard Hopkins, noticed the adjustments that Floyd made. "As veteran fighters, we make adjustments as the fight goes on. It's the IQ. That's what we do." From round 6 to 11, all judges had Mayweather winning all but one round. His connection percentage was a terrific 54% out of 426 total punches. Maidana connected on a poor 26 %. Mayweather did even better on the power punches, connecting on 65 % of 274 power blows. It is hard to figure out why Maidana was so sure he won the fights. No judge gave him the fight. Judge Michael Pernick judged the fight a draw, meaning, in his eyes, Maidana won 6 rounds. Boxing analyst, Teddy Atlas wondered, "What fight was he watching. Is he saying that Maidana won 6 way."

Some suspect that father time caught up with Mayweather, as it does with all athletes, but Floyd has a different view. "I said I would give the fans that pay a lot of money for my fights....I would stand and punch with this guy. I could have boxed and used my defense and it would have been a boring fight. My trainer, [Floyd, Sr.], gave me some good, no make that some great advice, but sometimes I get hard headed and I see things in the ring that the corner guys don't see." Mayweather, 46-0, will make a visit to Washington, DC before the month is out to meet with the Mayor, visit some schools and work on some initiatives he is interested in.

Most boxing experts had no problem with the judges that scored the fight 117-111 and 116-112. There is talk of a rematch. Something Mayweather has done only once in his career, Jose Castillo, back in 2002. Floyd says, "If he thinks he won, we can do it again in September. If the fans want it, we will do it. Of course the money has to be right." Floyd respects Maidana. "He is a tough fighter, a champion. He is rugged and he did what he had to do to win." Asked if Maidana punched harder that any of his other opponents, Mayweather says, "No, Canelo hit me harder with a left hook that I still feel to this day and Cotto hit harder, too." According to Mayweather Promotions, CEO, Leonard Ellerbe, it's one down and three to go for Mayweather. He hopes Floyd will finish his career undefeated and join a real short list. Please subscribe and find out the latest on boxing in Washington, DC.