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Mayweather vs Mosley the winner will be a loser (video)

It's time, time for Mayweather vs Mosley and the winner will be a loser. Please let me explain. As much as we dislike Mayweather as a  person, we respect him in the ring and as a fighter, and we feel that he will beat Mosley. Using his patented "runaway" and "you can't touch me" style to win by a decision. And that means that he will win the fight but he will be a loser in our eyes.

Mayweather vs Mosley the winner will be a loser
courtesy hbo

Why will he be a loser"  Because he is afraid to fight Pacquiao. For months and months we have done article after article on why Pacaquiao would beat Mayweather and explained again and again that the drug testing is not a reason for the last fight against Pacman to be cancelled. But some people just don't get it, so we will refer them to the articles and videos on the links below and to the right. 

Mayweather is slick, slippery and fast but he is not a devastating puncher and not a macho man like Manny. He has none of the class, style and power of Pacquiao and has never been in bloody battles like Pacman and won by his mental toughness and willingness to duke it out to the bitter end. He would rather "run away" and win by decision and use mental tricks to try to get into the head of the other fighter and get their minds off their fight plan and into a rage only to be beaten by a rabbit.

We predict Mayweather will win this fight and then duck the fight with Pacman, who will probably win the election in the Philippines and never fight again. He will take another fight with Mosely, and make another $10 million and retired undefeated while claiming Pacman is a cheater and afraid to testing. That is his style and that is why even if he wins the fight he will be a loser.

But that's just our opinion. You  might have another one, love to hear it. Leave a comment and keep it clean.


  • hkays 5 years ago


  • mayweatherfan 5 years ago

    record of 41-0, with 25 knockouts

  • Pacquiao4Ever 5 years ago

    "record of 41-0, with 25 knockouts"...

    .. Yeah he has that record because he ONLY fights the fight he KNOWS he will win. Mayweather NEVER fights anyone that could possible beat him.... just as his style.. "he just runs away".

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