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Mayweather vs. Maidana, "BullXXXX Walks" Vol. II: The Air Apparent

This is indeed the month of May, and since his name has so much to do with the weather, he should know when a storm is brewing. For Floyd Mayweather, the clouds in the sky have never been darker.

Floyd Mayweather escapes Marcos Maidana, and shows signs of weakness.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The so-called TBE did not emerge as the best fighter that Marcos Maidana had ever fought, at least according to the raging Argentinean, who raised more hell against Floyd last week than RUN-DMC did in their groundbreaking 1986 album.

"You cut him, you hurt him, you see, you see, he's not a machine, he's a man!"

Duke, to Rocky Balboa during his fight with the seemingly invincible Ivan Drago

HBO analyst Max Kellerman is keen on asking which fighter he'd have rather been when determining who won a round. I'd have rather been Maidana in at least 7 of them based on what I saw. For the first time in his professional career, Floyd was pressed into more action than he wanted to be, and I have never seen him work so hard to win rounds.

I told you all that this fight would be very difficult for Floyd.

There were those who laughed or scoffed at this notion, but they either didn't understand who or what Floyd was facing, not objective enough, or caught up in a persona that envelopes sound reason.

I expected Floyd to run into the great peril he faced in Maidana only to solve him- and then stop him. He actually did solve him, he just couldn't stop him. Not only could he not KO him (as I thought he would be forced to ala Ricky Hatton), he could not stop Maidana from pressuring him with abandon and essentially bullying him.

Floyd did his absolute best to derail Maidana and did indeed turn into a dragon after the midway point of this fight. The problem is, he could not produce the type of fire to deter "Chino" the way other fighters have of lesser ability than Mayweather.

I was more than sure going into this fight that "Money" Mayweather, the pot-shotting king of ring generalship, would not be able to beat Maidana.

He wasn't.

What you saw was an abundance of "Pretty Boy" Floyd after about 5 rounds, and the fighter who was pressed into duress by the likes of Jesus Chavez, which is the very same fight I told you it would be.

Coming in at 165lbs on fight night and deliberately sacrificing speed in the process, now you know why Floyd never wanted to fight Maidana- or Antonio Margarito for that matter.

You should have also been able to see why he could never beat Manny Pacquiao.

What Floyd is, is a a very sharp, very well conditioned version of James Toney at 147, albeit a version not quite as tenacious. You saw him cut for the 1st time against a fighter that he made change the Reyes gloves he wanted to use which in my mind would have caused much more damage.

I thought Maidana won the majority of the opening rounds, weathered Mayweather's storms, and then proceeded to subject him to torrential rains down the stretch.

I had it 115-114 Maidana, in a fight that cannot be declared a robbery because it went in Floyd's direction.

What I will say, however, is that the writing is clearly on the wall for Floyd Mayweather. At 37, he's not the type of durable boxing savant that Hopkins was at the same age, and he's not capable of beating the same level of competition that Bernard could then and even beyond 40. That alone makes his assertion of TBE (or "The Best Ever") total bull****.

Marcos Maidana was not the challenger last week - he was the WBA champion who took the fight directly to Mayweather, which is why the fight could correctly be scored a draw.

A younger, speedier fighter like Pacquiao from the southpaw stance would be a disaster for Floyd as I've always said he would. The Jack Dempsey-like disposition of Shawn Porter would wreak havoc on Floyd. Keith Thurman is an extremely dangerous fight and one he and his team would do well to avoid.

Even if he were to re-visit the prospect of an Amir Khan fight he would run into problems due to the improved nature of Khan's more advanced tactical mind under Virgil Hunter. Khan looked great in his dissection of Luis Collazo, and his big and active frame would cause anxiety for Mayweather.

Last week's fight had me reflecting on the night of November 8, 2003.

This was the night that Antonio Tarver shattered the notion of an impervious Roy Jones Jr. in defeat. He took the fight to Roy as did "Chino", was the aggressor throughout, dished out the most punishment and revealed Roy's limitations. Roy was never the same after escaping with a fight he should not have won.

Floyd won't be either.

I'm not suggesting that Floyd will be one-punch KTFO in 2 rounds like Tarver did Jones in their rematch, or, take a sustained ass-whooping like Roy did before being brutally KO'd by Glen Johnson in 2004, but he's close to it.

The fight world finally saw what I tried to impress upon Canelo Alvarez personally prior to facing Floyd last September. I told him he cannot have any regard for Floyd, and to attack him as if he was a bear attacking a human in the wild.

Chino was a bear that proved Floyd was indeed human, and Pacquiao would beat him in the same comprehensive way that Glen Johnson beat Roy. I am one million percent sure of this.

And so is ""Money".

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