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Mayweather vs. Maidana, "BullXXXX Walks" Vol. I

Mayweather may decide to bring back "Pretty Boy Floyd" tomorrow night
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

And it stinks too.

I caught wind of a palpable sense of foulness while perusing through the MGM Grand for Pacquiao vs. Bradley II a few weeks back. Floyd Mayweather and his bag if tricksters managed to get his grill all over the premises to shamelessly promote his fight against the Pacquiao back drop.

Same guy he doesn't want to fight- is the same guy he'll use to fight someone else. You have to love his moxy in stating recently that Pacquiao looked like an amateur against Bradley (again, using the man to sell PPV), even though "Money" hasn't been able to afford facing him.

The last time he did something like this so blatantly was on the platform of Pacquiao vs. Hatton, as a then come-backing Mayweather off of a faked retirement (to duck De La Hoya and a few other fighters), stacked the deck against Juan Manuel Marquez in a jump from lightweight while cheating him on the scales.

This will not be the case with the 11-1 underdog Marcos Maidana, in fact, Floyd had better bring "Pretty Boy" Floyd with him tomorrow night, because I don't believe "Money" will work.

He will.

Getting past all of the pomp and circumstance of what has been another narcissistic showcase for the sport's most delicate ego (I mean like, who goes and gets Robin Leach? Isn't he supposed to seek you out? This was total bullxxxx!), Floyd will deliver the goods tomorrow night in what will be his most entertaining fight in years.

But it will be wrought with danger.

More than likely, Floyd will be hit like never before, and at some point face serious peril. It would not totally surprise me if he got KTFO, but I doubt it.

He's too great, and his will too cast in iron to be doomed by the still crude (but soooo much better under trainer Robert Garcia) Argentinean bomber.

Maidana has - even in defeat - hurt everyone he's been in the ring with, and may be near his peak as he faces what has been a ring enigma up until now.

The weigh-in didn't reveal much, I mean - they never really do. But Maidana is coming to win, and he will do everything humanly possible to do this. What makes this fight so interesting is that Floyd will absolutely not run from Maidana.

He can't.

At his age and against this type of opponent and that particular trainer, Floyd will have to stand in the pocket and in the eye of the storm. He knows he may need wheels for the latter stanza's of the fight and will try to conserve energy for a true 36 minute marathon of war.

If you really want to see how this fight may unfold, take a look at Floyd's riveting saga with Jesus Chavez back in the day. I believe Floyd will recall enough of his former self to matador Maidana into an exhilarating 11th round KO while being gored in the process.

And oh, I'll be hacking this free of charge. Enjoy the fight ;)

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