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Mayweather-Pacquiao 2k14: Same spit, different day

Roger Mayweather: "I think the fight will probably happen around May. That's what I think... probably April or May. That's my timeframe. The fight will happen and the world will see and they'll understand how good Pacquiao is."

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. took shots at Manny Pacquiao on Instagram, again, but still has yet to fight the Filipino boxing icon in the ring.
Floyd Mayweather Instagram account, Freddie Roach Instagram, fan art

That's what Roger Mayweather told me three years ago as he looked forward to his nephew and pupil, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., finally fighting Manny Pacquiao and silencing critics. His timeframe was around April to May for the mega-fight the world has been clamoring for to finally happen; April or May of 2011!

Fast-forward to today, winter of 2k14, yet a single punch has been thrown by Mayweather and Pacquiao toward the other. Instead, more posturing, senseless trash talk, and alibis have occupied the time of the many who are still desperately hopeful this match-up can happen.

And unlike yearly editions of sports video games these days, the 2k14 version of Mayweather vs Pacquiao talks have nothing new to offer.

During the slow holiday lull, Mayweather managed to stir up new chatter on his tiresome fantasy fight with Pacquiao through the power of social media as he took jabs and low blows at Pacquiao with "photoshopped" pictures suggesting that the Filipino fighter is desperate and begging to fight him, on top of emphasizing his knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez back in December of 2012 as well as his tax woes.

"Now you're telling me I got to eat Juan Marquez's leftovers? I got to talk to the IRS about this," Mayweather wrote along with a fictitious photo he posted on his Instagram account of him landing a punch on Pacquiao. It was one in a series of photos during the holiday season that re-lit and sparked a lot of banter between Mayweather and Pacquiao fanatics.

The rationale Mayweather is selling is obvious, although hypocritical, as he himself fought the likes of Miguel Cotto whom Pacquiao defeated in devastating fashion just a couple of years prior. As far as the IRS comment, Pacquiao is alleged to have failed to pay taxes for his recent fights in Las Vegas, something Mayweather himself has had personal experience with in the past. After his comeback fight with Marquez in September of 2009, Mayweather agreed to pay more than $5 million in back taxes to the IRS.

After all was said and done, however, Mayweather insisted that he would only fight Pacquiao if he leaves his promoter Bob Arum, which is highly unlikely since the Filipino has had a longstanding relationship with the Top Rank head honcho. Pacquiao's response was to take the high road, and pointed out how Mayweather still can't leave his name off his mouth while he was busy doing charity work in his country where he is an elected congressman.

Amid internet rumors that a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is finally a done deal for September, these recent tirades leaves us exactly where we were prior: Nowhere. Been there, done that.

I've heard it all before, and unless I see both fighters inside the boxing ring at the sound of the bell for the start of the first round, I'm not holding my breath on this fight happening any time soon.

There are just so many realities that have been put in place that make this fight even more improbable from happening than it was when it was initially conceived plausible about five years ago, with the biggest being Mayweather's contract with Showtime, while Pacquiao is financially tied-up to Arum, who is in bed with HBO. All the PED testing, financials, contender status, etc. etc. are just fluff at this point for the willingly ignorant buyers.

Fact is, this fight can happen now and it will still break records. No hype, advertising, selling and whatever form of drama is needed for this match-up to make hundreds of millions of cold hard greenbacks. It's been long overdue, and dangerously headed toward obscurity and irrelevance if the parties involved continue on with their greed and stubbornness. Sadly, boxing is filled with characters in power that could care less what fans want and deserve.


It's sad to see that the dialog and rhetoric about this fight has degraded into a hate-fest between blind followers of both fighters as they trade nonsensical insults and claim victory through their fantasy theories and stories.

Fact is, everyone loses.

I don't get how some people are more caught up in defending Mayweather's stand to not fight Pacquiao and insist victory, as opposed to simply wanting to see the fight happen. I do agree that Mayweather is the clear favorite in a fight versus Pacquiao, but styles make fights, and until we actually see how Mayweather handles Pacquiao's relentless fighting style from the southpaw stance, no genius can prove that Mayweather already actually beat Pacquiao with whatever theory they can concoct.

Marquez beat Pacquiao, while Mayweather dominated Marquez. So??? Marquez was way smaller when Mayweather fought him, plus the Mexican had four fights with Pacquiao that allowed him to master his style. Just fight the guy and make a boatload of money if he's that easy, right? It's simple logic. It's not as if Mayweather is going to make more money fighting guys like Amir Khan or did against previous opponent choices such as Victor Ortiz and Robert Guerrero.

And I won't fully discount the fact that I've seen Pacquiao in better shape and train harder for previous fights from years past compared to his recent ones. Against Mayweather, the biggest fight of his life, Pacquiao won't have an excuse and I expect him to train like never before. Regardless, I still peg him as the underdog, but that Pacquiao will be interesting to see versus Mayweather.

And with Mayweather starting all the trash talk, one has to wonder about his true motives. Why kick a sleeping dog, and still not fight him? Certified champions don't worry about what those beneath him do, so why is Mayweather so inclined to even diss Pacquiao repeatedly out of nowhere?

Does this mean he is finally serving up Pacquiao for a mega-fight, or is it simply another ploy to hype up his next fight against another opponent by using reasons why he can't fight Pacquiao as an excuse?

I won't even bother go into the timeline of events, because really, each side will believe what they want to believe, but those in the middle can see through the facts and the lies. And until Mayweather finally fights Pacquiao, and after all his tirades and posturing, I firmly believe he is ducking.

I've never heard of a true champion who relishes victory through talking alone, rather than facing the stiffest competition and proving himself against them in combat. I still don't and will never hear none of it, regardless of the source.

Ali wasn't undefeated and he talked the talk, but when push came to shove, he walked the walk, and even a mile farther than the bravest of fighters. Hagler, Hearns, Duran, Leonard all fought one another. Sugar Ray Robinson took on all comers. Truly great fighters let their careers and fists do the talking, instead of their mouth and explain why they're (not) ducking.

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