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Mayweather-Maidana 2: What's the point?

You shine my head I push your chin
You shine my head I push your chin

The rematch between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Marcos Maidana is set for September 13. The two fought each other in May of this year with Mayweather earning the decision in a fight that was a lot more competitive than anyone had expected. Maidana never stopped punching and though he connected at a low percentage, he hit Mayweather more times than any other fighter ever has.

Despite Maidana's strong start, Mayweather found his groove like he always does and landed the cleaner punches, which was the deciding factor of the bout.

Afterwards Mayweather revealed that he deliberately chose to fight more flat-footed "to give fans what they want." If that was truly the case, then the question is, would Mayweather be willing to "give the fans what they want," once more? Or is he going to move around the ring all night? Every indication seems to point to the latter.

Mayweather has said on more than one occasion that he could've made that fight a lot easier for himself, and he seems to be determined to make it so when he faces Maidana again this September. The thing is, we already know that Maidana is susceptible to mobile fighters. We've seen him schooled by Devon Alexander. Amir Khan utilized good movement and also decisioned Maidana. Why would we want to see Mayweather do the same thing? Is it really that satisfying to watch Maidana get outboxed?

A big reason we watch boxing is the intrigue. Mayweather and Maidana put on a very entertaining show the first time. Now if Mayweather swore up and down today that he would fight Maidana the same way to try to knock him out, then the rematch might be worth paying to see. But Mayweather wouldn't even dare hint at utilizing the same style and strategy. He wants to bag this win the easiest way possible, which is by boxing, moving and not taking risks.

Let's just say that Mayweather is full of it and that Maidana was 100% responsible for making Mayweather fight the way he did. There's still one issue at hand; the gloves Maidana will be permitted to wear.

Maidana insists that he wasn't able to knock Mayweather out because of the bigger gloves Mayweather forced him to wear at the very last minute, which took away some of his power. This is the only matter of intrigue left for this fight. It may very well turn out that the gloves won't make any difference, but for now it's worth our speculation, which is what fuels every match.

If in the rematch Maidana lands as much as he did in the first fight while wearing the gloves he prefers, would he hurt Mayweather? Would he cause enough swelling around Floyd's eyes to impair his vision?

When we find out that Maidana still can't wear his gloves of choice, then boxing fans should pass on this fight unless you're willing to pay $70 for another glorified sparring session devoid of any drama. Why should anyone pay for this?

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