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Mayweather invests in TMT's Doralie 'Bad' Medina

Doralie "Bad" Medina and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
TMT, used with permission

Floyd Mayweather knows how to make money and keep making money.

His brand is Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Jr. and he surrounds himself with The Money Team (TMT), a host of people who provide services as well as friendship. If they are loyal, he returns that and more.

As Floyd looks ahead to life after he retires from the ring, it's difficult for observers to fathom what direction he'll take. With as much if not more financial wealth than many venture capitalists, maybe he's begun to think about incubating businesses with seed money.

It wouldn't be a bad way to go. He only has to look at Earvin "Magic" Johnson to see how investing can lift up individuals and communities. It looks like he's starting closer to home, with Doralie Medina.

Doralie, given the nickname "Bad Medina" by Floyd, is part of TMT and has been the champ's personal massage therapist for a few years. Recently, Floyd invested $100,000 in Doralie's start-up company that is rolling out a line of cosmetics.

A self-made hardworking woman, Medina is one of four children whose single mom worked multiple jobs to keep things afloat. She grew up in Southern California, graduated high school and initially set about to become a nurse. It was how she found massage therapy and it became her true calling.

Introduced to Mayweather by a mutual friend, she uprooted her life and left family and friends behind to join TMT in Las Vegas as the champ's personal massage therapist, working seven days a week. Always interested in beauty and fashion, Doralie had her eye on owning her own business.

First up are lip glosses and if all goes according to plan, Doralie's business, Bad Medina Cosmetics will offer a full line of beauty products and add fashions under the same label.

Retail outlets of her own is the longer term goal, but right now, lip gloss is where it's at. Doralie saved a significant amount of her hard earned paychecks to start the idea rolling and Floyd jumped in after he saw her reach a stage at which he knew she was serious and in it for the long haul.

Mayweather had this to say about his decision to invest in Bad Medina Cosmetics:

“I believe in investing in people that have been loyal to me and I encourage them to be successful in their own endeavors. Doralie saved her money because she has wanted to start her own cosmetics line for a long time and the time is now."

Who knows how many other highly motivated members of TMT there are who could benefit from a cash infusion for their own enterprises?

Right now, Floyd's enjoying being part of Medina's new venture and Doralie Medina is certainly reaping the benefits of that participation.

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