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Mayweather family sees no threat from Marcos Maidana

Floyd Mayweather Sr. (L) jokes around with his son, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., in April 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Floyd Mayweather Sr. (L) jokes around with his son, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., in April 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo by Ethan Miller

The Mayweather family is not worried at all about Marcos Maidana. They are not worried about his volume punching or his punching power. They are not worried about his tenacity or the fact that he has spent the last couple months locked away in training while focusing on nothing else but knocking the crown from the king of boxing’s head. It’s called confidence (some would say arrogance) and Floyd Mayweather, Sr., Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Roger Mayweather have never been short on that.

Mayweather’s training is being overseen by his father and uncle. At this point in his career, it would be a mistake to say that Mayweather is "trained" by anyone. After 18 years as a prizefighter and 45 pro fights without a loss Mayweather knows the routine better than anyone and he knows what he needs to do on Saturday night without someone in the family pointing it out to him.

His father and uncle still do some scouting for him and they watch video of opponents when the mood strikes them. Neither is ever short on an opinion as to the weaknesses they see in Maidana who was hand-picked by Floyd, Jr. as his next foe.

“The problem with Maidana is that I see him doing a lot of the same things too much,” said a dismissive Mayweather, Sr. on Monday via telephone from Las Vegas. “He’ll throw the same punches over and over, three or four times. Every now and then he’ll jab or throw a hook. People say he throw hundreds and hundreds of punches a round? That’s good, but it’s the way you stop them punches from comin’ from him. It’s called defense.”

Certainly Mayweather is the best defensive fighter in the game. Over the years countless sparring partners have noted the difficulty they have had in landing a punch against him. Past opponents such as Shane Mosley, Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya have all mentioned how tricky Mayweather is to hit solidly and repeatedly. He may have the sharpest radar for incoming punches and the acumen to avoid them since the great Wilfred Benitez pulled the same sorts of tricks thirty years ago.

“The way we’re gonna stop that, stop him from throwin' all them punches, is you make him miss,” said Mayweather, Sr. “So, the more times he misses, the more times he’ll be more hesitant about throwin' the punches. What he’s gonna’ do, is he’s gonna’ get ready to start throwin’ them punches and then he ain’t gonna’ throw ‘em. And when he don’t throw ‘em, Floyd gonna’ capitalize.”

It’s much the same strategy that Mayweather has been employing for years so there is really no secret about his fight plan. He has an uncanny ability to shut down the offense of others and once he accomplishes that he slowly picks apart his opponent with his own shots. It’s frustrating because Mayweather, who is not a runner, does this by standing directly in front of the other man in what he calls “the pocket” while shooting his own shots.

Saturday’s match-up certainly presents a contrast in fighting styles. Maidana’s approach can be characterized as overwhelming volume punching that focuses on aggressiveness and power. In his most recent bout against Adrien Broner in December, Maidana threw nearly one thousand punches over twelve rounds, approximately seventy percent of which were power shots. At the other end of the spectrum, Mayweather is conservative with punches and he rarely throws unless he sees an opening. In his most recent win against Canelo Alvarez in September, he lobbed just over five hundred punches in twelve rounds, with an anemic eighteen percent comprised of power shots.

These stats, as well as the fact that Maidana utilized his kamikaze style to upset Adrien Broner who has a style similar to that of his son were broached with Floyd, Sr. He again totally discounted any of Maidana’s perceived strengths and seemed incredulous that anyone would host such a crazy idea that Maidana has any sort of chance against his son.

“Look man,” he said. “Floyd already been fightin’ all the big guys, the big names and they ain’t been no threat have they? So why is Maidana a threat? I don’t think there ain’t no way Maidana coulda’ went in there with Alvarez and go punch-for-punch. I don’t think he could do that. Floyd did it, and he can do it, because he have defense. Maidana don’t have defense.”

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