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Mayte Garcia previews season 3 of 'Hollywood Exes,' talks 'Atlanta Exes' spinoff

Mayte Garcia stars in VH1's reality series 'Hollywood Exes,' which has its season premiere tonight.

VH1's Hollywood Exes returns for a third season looking inside the lives of former spouses of the famous, and there's plenty to talk about, including the arrival of a new cast member (Shanna Moakler) and a spinoff later this year (Atlanta Exes). BFTV recently spoke with returning cast member Mayte Garcia to talk about both these things and how she's progressing in season three.

"The thing is, it's a sisterhood," she said of the cast, which also includes Jessica Canseco, Sheree Fletcher, Andrea Kelly, Nicole Murphy, and Shamicka Lawrence. Of adding Moakler, the ex-wife of Blink-182 musician Travis Barker, Mayte told us, "It was just fun to see how we could help her."

After three seasons, this group knows each other pretty well. So which of her fellow exes would Mayte say she's learned the most from? "I'd say all of them. All of them have a little bit of something. That's what makes this group so special," she reflected. "Nicole's a mother of five, and I'm a mom. She helps me with that and she's amazing.

"Dree, me and her have so much in common, being that we are both dancers and we danced for our husbands. Her little Dree-isms are crazy. You're going to se a whole new Sheree this season, but for the better. Jessica's just a free spirit. I think all the girls have had some kind of impact."

As for what you'll see from Mayte, "I was pretty true to my story," she teased. "I hope it relays that there is love. That's the difference between this show and other shows out there. At the end of the day, it's about love and sisterhood."

A major part of her story is her passion for animals; as we reported last season, she has her own animal rescue, Mayte's Rescue ( "I'm very proud of what we've done," she told us. "Right now, I have three fosters. Two cats and one dog that are being fostered. It's what I do all the time and I'm passionate about." You can follow maytesrescue on Instagram and Facebook for the latest up-to-date information on Mayte's rescue efforts and how you can get involved.

That passion has not only become part of what we see on the show, but it has led her into new business ventures as well. "I'm actually starting a faux fur line with Shanna, because we're both serious animal lovers and I think there can be fashion without having to hurt animals," Mayte added. She's also continuing her career as a dancer and an actress, and - in perhaps the biggest development for her - has recently adopted a daughter.

The Hollywood ladies have done so well for themselves that VH1 has gone forward with another project focused on the exes of Atlanta, and we asked Mayte to weigh in on her series having its own spinoff. "We just went in doing this as a support group, to go on camera and show our issues, good or bad. I think people enjoy it because it's not just about who you're married to," she told us. "It's exciting that they made a franchise. I want to know how Cee Lo [Green]'s ex [Christina Johnson] and Usher's ex [Tameka Raymond] are doing. I'm excited!"

Three seasons in, what does she think she's taken away from Hollywood Exes? "I think it's helped me be more open," she reflected. "The third season definitely has more of me. We're surrounded by a group of women who are very strong mind opinionated and passionate about what they believe in, so you can 't help but show who you are, which I think is beautiful."

Hollywood Exes premieres tonight at 9 PM ET/PT on VH1 (check your local listings for specific channel). For more on Mayte, you can follow her on Twitter (@MayteGarcia) and by visiting her official website (

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