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Mayslack's: beer, bands and pull tabs

Doug Otto and The Getaways on stage at Mayslack's
Doug Otto and The Getaways on stage at Mayslack's
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Mayslack's in Northeast (1428 4th St NE) is neighborhood bar meets hipster hang out, providing the best of both worlds.  With it's high backed booths, life size wooden statues and emphasis on pull tabs Mayslacks embraces it's kitsch side with shirts for sale that read "Nobody Beats Mayslack's Meat".  While the interior decoration may hint at an air of self-deprication, the food and the drink here are serious business.  Famous since 1955 for it's Polish style roast beef sandwiches, the Mayslacks menu, and events calendar has grown considerably since the days when "people would line up around the block, paper plates in hand" (Mayslack's website) for one of Stan Myslajek's sandwiches.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights are all booked with live, local, usually rock-oriented or jam bands (such as Roots City Band or Hookers and Blow). On those nights there is a cover, usually $5, but it is definitely worth it.  The bar is split into two sides and the division is well implemented as the music pouring out of the excellent sound system can get loud.  So if you're looking for more of a conversation then a rock concert, or vice versa, Mayslack's has got you covered.

The drinks are not too pricey and there's always a beer of the month (this month it's Schell's Hopfenmalz for $3.50 all day everyday).  Generally busy but not overcrowded on weekend nights, make sure to stop by during the day Saturday for their excellent meat raffle and choice bloody mary's.  Call 612-789-9862 for more info on their great drink specials and menu.

Take this bar in with your favorite Northeast friends and favorite beer.  Show up any weekend night and you'll likely stay until close.