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Mayoral race drags on

In October, someone will be elected Mayor of Toronto. It could be former NDP MP Olivia Chow. It could be former PC leader John Tory. It could be former city councillor David Soknacki. It could even be former crack smoker Rob Ford. But with three months left in a campaign that has been dragging on since the beginning of January, will voters even care when it comes time to step into the voting booth?

Based simply on past data, the answer is a resounding "Nah". The turnout for the 2010 election had a massive increase of 11% over the 2006 turnout, but still only clocked in at about 50.5% of eligible voters. In the post-amalgamation era, turnout has averaged just under 42%, which means that "None of the Above" has won every single election and is now going for a sixth consecutive term.

Honestly, who could blame the electorate for staying home, given the choices they've had? This time around the main players are the drug-abusing incumbent, the woman riding her deceased husband's coattails, and the man whose only real political skill seems to be the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Not exactly a stellar bunch.

Even the minor candidates are weak this time around. Porn star Nikki Benz couldn't get her paperwork filled out correctly and may not run at all. Dominatrix Carlie Ritch hasn't made the news or updated her campaign's Twitter account in months. And perennial candidate Kevin Clarke hasn't shut down any debates with his outbursts.

Even with the illustrious Mayor heading to rehab in the middle of the campaign, this may be the single most boring election in Toronto history. Ultimately, the winner may be decided based on whichever candidate has the most supporters who are still awake on election day.

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