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Mayoral candidate James calls out Bauman & Greuel on hypocrisy & DWP pay-to-play

LA Mayoral Candidate Kevin James sharply criticized LAC Democrat Chair Eric Bauman & candidate Wendy Greuel for hypocrisy regarding Jame's cross-partisan donor base and Greuel's "Pay-to-Play" politics with the LA DWP
LA Mayoral Candidate Kevin James sharply criticized LAC Democrat Chair Eric Bauman & candidate Wendy Greuel for hypocrisy regarding Jame's cross-partisan donor base and Greuel's "Pay-to-Play" politics with the LA DWP

(Los Angeles, CA)- Just last week, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) came out in strong opposition to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg holding a fundraiser for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican who has inspired constituents from all political parties to hold the state's union special interests and their pay-to-play legislators accountable for the problems that have plagued the Garden State for over a decade.

When it was seen how negatively the attacks were polling, the DNC removed the attacks from its website and essentially pretended that the criticism never occurred.

Similarly, Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) Chairman Eric C. Bauman issued his own sharp crticisms against Democrats within the City of Los Angeles who are supporting Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Kevin James, the lone viable political outsider in the race, who also happens to be ... a Republican! Bauman has been extremely vicious since the formation of the SuperPAC that has enabled James to rebuke formerly unchallenged misstatements and misdirections by the current and former city council members trying to get the voting public to ignore their decade-long mismanagement of the city of Los Angeles.

However, the Democratic Party chairmkan remained silent last week regarding the L.A. DWP union, known as the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 18 (IBEW), forming a super PAC in support of Controller Wendy Greuel. This monetary support is a return favor for her repeated efforts to raise DWP salaries and benefits, and increases utility rates for Angelenos.

It is widely known the DWP has been influencing City Hall for years, thereby posing a serious conflict of interest as the main benefactors of Greuel’s votes/actions. So while LACDP Chairman Bauman was quick to fire off a press release criticizing a committee of citizens supporting James for Mayor, Bauman continues to keep his own party unaccountable for its own destructive policies and principles that has placed the City of Los Angeles and most of the other major cities it holds majorities in the financial messes they are in.

"I’m proud to have support from citizens regardless of their political party." said Los Angeles mayoral candidate Kevin James. "Angelenos are interested in seeing our city succeed. What they aren't interested in are special interest groups like the DWP union backing Controller Greuel, knowing their actions have bankrupted the City of Los Angeles."

“Bauman’s hyper partisan attacks on private citizens supporting James is the height of hypocrisy. As records show, support for James has come from across the political spectrum including Henry Crown and Co., who were major contributors to President Obama, and Harold Simmons who has supported Republicans in the past," said James' campaign manager Jeff Corless.

"The fact is the same special interest groups that bank-rolled Greuel’s campaigns for Council and Controller are now backing her campaign for Mayor," continued Corless. "Greuel has spent years voting for DWP salary and benefit increases and now she's cashing in for her next campaign. The Greuel-DWP 'pay-to-play' scheme at City Hall has gone on for too long and we have had enough of their cozy politics."

"They’ve been stepping up their attacks on James for weeks now because they’re nervous. The more voters pay attention the more James’ outsider message resonates,” said Corless.

Candidates within the City of Los Angeles are all tightening up their attacks as absentee ballots are due to go out on February 4th, just eight days away. Recent polls have Greuel and James in a statistical tie for 2nd place and closely behind former Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti.

The next debate is scheduled for tonight at UCLA at 7 p.m.


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