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Mayor Vincent Gray leads the city in the second major snow event of 2014

Gray asks city residents to do their part in cleaning snow from sidewalks and vehicles
Gray asks city residents to do their part in cleaning snow from sidewalks and vehicles
Photo by Professor Metze

Today, like a general commanding his fleet, Mayor Vincent Gray called together his team of city leaders to launch an assault against the massive snowfall that covered the District of Columbia today and gave a clear signal that there would be no repeat of the storm of 2010 when Secret Service agents could not even get to the home of the late Dr. Dorothy Height because the city streets were bombarded with snow and ice making all roads impassable.

In making the right call on every turn, Gray shut down the city to give snowplow fighters access to the roads to treat the streets with salt and the bridges with beet juice to fight the ice and freezing cold. In looking at every angle of the blizzard, Gray was especially concerned about the homeless population that lives in the District of Columbia.

“Our Cold Weather Emergency response teams are ready to hit the streets to make sure that no one is left out in the cold. I applaud our outreach teams and first responders and continue to remind residents to be on the lookout for any vulnerable neighbors,” Gray said.

At 4 a.m., in a tour around the Petworth community, there was no sign of the snow that would later blanket the city. The measures taken by Gray were based on experience and making decisions based on protecting the children and most vulnerable residents of the city. The snowplows and emergency vehicles were in place long before the first snowflakes began to fall.

Gray asked property owners to do their part in shoveling snow on their property sidewalks and walkways. He also asked that District of Columbia drivers clean the snow from their vehicles before they ventured onto the roadways. Residents were seen covering their vehicles with car covers and their windshields with clear plastic wrap as early as 5 a.m. this morning.

When the storm came Gray and his team were ready. Residents are asked, if possible, to please stay off the streets during this snow emergency. will be on the scene and watching from the streets as the city battles the second major snow event of 2014.

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