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Mayor vetoes min wage increase

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Business as usual failures in the San iego labor market are too high a risk with a higher minimum wage, Mayor Faulconer took the time to explain to San DIegans this morning. His plan, after vetoing the City COuncil's 6 to 3 decision to increase the local minimum wage, will stay the same. Guarantee jobs.

"San Diego is at its best when everyone has the opportunity to find employment and pursue the American Dream. I have vetoed City Council Ordinance O-2015-11 REV. because it threatens these opportunities, making it harder for San Diegans to find work," Faulconer said.

His veto would end the opportunity low paid local workers have to earn the "livable wage" Councilman Todd Gloria gave to San Diegans by passing his Minimum Wage Initiative, were the San Diegao city council not to override his veto with another 6 to 3 vote. San DIegans can expect a regular Democrat vote that overrides the veto.

Dropping the initiative would set the pro-wage councilmembers back years intheir work passing an ordinance that sets the local minimum wage at a rate that keeps pace with the rising cost of living. Stopping their planned wage recovery in the labor market.

Moving ahead on the local business recovery is the guarantee for job creation Faulconer will not let hit a slump. The Mayor counts on free enterprise to build up labor opportunities. "Just like our own health, our local economy needs balance and moderation to flourish and prosper. This ordinance weakens San Diego’s ability to create and retain jobs by putting heavier burdens on small businesses compared to nearby cities, permanently tipping the scales to the disadvantage of San Diegans seeking employment."

Faulconer disagreed with Democrats on holding up the low wage line for all workers in the low wage labor market. Hard work, not a higher minimum wage, makes income earning opportunities in SanDIego good. Store hirings and entrepreneurial startups are the San Diego work revival gains the mayor stands by to "move San DIego forward." Holding off a minimum wage increase would leave growth in employment opportunities unchanged.

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