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San Marino mayor throws dog poop on neighbor's walk: Crappy politics on video

The mayor of a small California town was caught on surveillance camera throwing a load of dog poop into his neighbor's yard. You can see on the video the mayor, who looks like he is out for a walk, tossing the poop filled bag into the yard of a neighbor, who feels that this deed was an act of revenge on the mayor's part, according to the WFSB Eyewitness 3 News on June 11.

The Mayor of a small California town throws dog poop on a neighbors walkway. The neighbor said it was out of revenge because he didn't back the mayor's proposed dog park.
YouTube screen shot

The neighbor, whose walkway Mayor Dennis Knier used to discard this poop, opposes a dog park that the mayor wants built at a nearby public park. Phillip Lao said his surveillance camera caught the mayor and his wife in what he claims is the act of revenge by throwing this poop on his walkway, reports the New York Daily News.

Knier is the mayor of San Marino, California and what ever his excuse may be for tossing dog poop on Lao's lawn, it doesn't look good for the man voted into office to preside over the city. What was he thinking? Not only could someone have seen him and turned him in, but as the mayor he has to know that surveillance cameras are hanging off many houses today, especially in this upscale neighborhood.

Lao lives a couple of blocks away from the mayor, so one would assume he didn't pick the lawn out randomly. He had to walk a ways to deliver the surprise package to his neighbor. Lao has a sign that says "No Poop Zone" on his lawn, so it sounds as if the poop bag was meant to irritate the man.

The "No Poop Zone" was to discourage people from letting their dogs poop on his lawn and leaving it there for him to dispose of. Will this poop delivery to his neighbor put the mayor in an unfavorable light come next election? Or maybe a crappy light would be a better way to say this?

Kneir released a statement and he admitted that he did throw the poop on the walkway, which the camera clearly picked up. He apologized for the incident and he called it a "mistake." Kneir conveyed in the statement, "I take responsibility for what happened. I'm sorry it happened....this was a mistake."

In a case like this one can't help wondering if the mayor is sorry that "it happened," or is he sorry that he didn't know there was a camera there to catch him in the act? What do you think about this small-town mayor's actions?

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