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Mayor Thomas Raymond helped establish the Newark Airport

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Every day businessmen, businesswomen, tourists and vacationers go to the Newark Liberty International Airport to travel to their destinations as it is a place that is constantly bustling with business. In 2012, workers at the Newark Airport handled 34 million passengers. Can you imagine Newark without its famous airport? Before the Newark Airport was built, the area was a swampland. Mayor Thomas Raymond led a project where 6 million was used to create an airport at Port Newark in order to bring business to the city.

Thomas Raymond, who was born on April 26, 1875 in East Orange, New Jersey, was a native New Jerseyan. He received a fine education which would enable him to pursue a political career. He went to school in the East Orange School system. He also attended Newark Academy located in Downtown Newark. As a young man, he studied at New York University to obtain his law degree; he passed the bar exam in November 1896.

Raymond became interested in politics and excelled in this field. He served as Mayor of Newark, New Jersey for two terms. When he was in office from 1915 to 1917, he served his first term and became the 25th Mayor of Newark. From 1925 to 1928, he served his second term and became the 29th Mayor of Newark. During his second time in office, he put Newark on the map by helping to create the Newark Airport. In order to create the Newark Airport, workers had to raise landfill at the swampland to 11 feet above sea level. The Newark Airport, which was completed on October 1, 1928, was the first major airport of the United States and helped Newark’s economy as it created many jobs. Unfortunately Mayor Raymond died before the completion of the Newark Airport. He will always be remembered as an outstanding mayor who made Newark a much stronger city.