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Mayor stays on board on convention center expansion

The current plan for the convention center expansion. Stays ready to get taken up again.
The current plan for the convention center expansion. Stays ready to get taken up again.
San Diego COvention Center Corporation (rendering)

Opening the halls at a new conventon center built with the most contiguous convetioin pace on the West Coast did not get dropped from Mayor Kevin Faulconer's plans for San Diego. Following the city council's Tuesday vote against a decision to appeal the state district court ruling that counted out the plan to use a special tax on hotel charges to finance the expansion construction, the Mayor said he will move the city ahead on a convention center expansion.

"Expanding the convention center is one of the most important actions we can take to grow our local economy and create thousands of new jobs for San Diegans. This is an opportunity to put this litigation behind us and move forward with a successful plan, " Faulconer said.

City officials, working with the convention center development group, will decide on an option to build additional convention space the city can fit in a downtown scene, and, fiannce the construction. Converting used land would give the city its top convention space.

In the coming years. San Diegans can no longer count on going through new open doors within two years.

City officials have to agree on a new plan optiion with developers to make good o the promise to expand San Diego's convention center. The current construction plan ahs not been thrown out. Just the special tax financing the district court decided unconstituional must be replaced.

Faulconer, following his office's meetings with representatives from the lodging and convention industry during the time since the court decision, stays preprared to move ahead on building an expanson space harborside next to the east convention building on Harbor Drive.

A short walk away from the convention center, across the Harbor Drive pedestrian bridge, the city is looking at two options. The parking lot north of the MTS station, just east of Petco Park, has the room to build the new convention centger space. A combined Chargers stadium and convention center expansion space could fit on the lot.

Voters might get a vote onthe option the city will use. The Mayor, and city councilmembers, have said they will keep open a decision to take the convention center decison to the public.

Mayor Faulconer counts on public participation to finalize the convention center expansion plan. He does not plan on making a decision before other options are considered. But, stays confident, San Diego will find a way to scale up its big business convention center.

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