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Mayor's Fitness Council, city of Austin

Mayor's Fitness Council logo
Mayor's Fitness Council logo
City of Austin

The Mayor's Fitness Council was started by former mayor Will Wynn, in October 2004.  Their mission, among other things, included raising "awareness of the cost of health care", promoting "prevention of chronic diseases and better health in Austin", and promoting "the city of Austin as a healthy place to live and work, with the primary goal of becoming "The Fittest City in the U.S."  

It is encouraging to see leaders in the community take such an active role in health concerns, because a healthy and active city is a more prosperous one.  

Four pillars of health

The council decided that there are four pillars to optimum health, and they include:

  • physical activity 
  • nutrition 
  • healthy weight 
  • tobacco-free living

Of course, these are excellent places to start working on in your pursuit of wellness.  Physical activity, especially in our more sedentary society, is paramount, and the combination of physical activity and proper nutrition will help you achieve a healthy weight.  

Online resources

The Mayor's Fitness Council has a website here, and a .pdf file that outlines their mission statement and general health guidelines can be found here.

The website also features suggestions for places in Austin where you can work out, samples of healthy recipes, and tools to measure your progress, such as the Austin Fitness Index.


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