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Mayor raises bar on good work in San Diego

Mayor's Office
Mayor's Office
Mayor Faulconer will take innovative ideas on city work from the coty's employees.

Work setting up the City of San Diego for a full recovery that stays in neighborhoods across the city for the long run can not get done without the city's employees proving the city has a leading performance workforce. Mayor Kevin Faulconer's offer to city employees to "continuosly improve" the work done by the city team, and break old boundaries, can do more for the city's modernization than any budget deal made for 2014-15 work, or int he city's past.

Faulconer plans to make city employees empowered actors. Not just the city management's team responders.
San DIegans can hope the mayor never goes back on his word. "All City departments have been asked to provide innovative ideas for cost reductions and efficiencies"

Offering employees work on innovative improvements to do, and counting on more efficent work to save costs, strengthens Faulconer's workforce leadership role. His past of leaping at opportunities to lower city pension and retiree health contributions, and freeze pensionable pay, proved his commitment to a cost cutting plan designed to save a budget with a big deficit. City employees joined the San DIegans with ignored demands during the recession. Close attention to what employees have to say was hard to find.

The Mayor has 3.8 percent lower general fund spending to depend on to run the city within budget. The cost cutting deals made with the city's six labor unions made the work on balancing the 2014-15 budget easier. A 2.3 percent increase in personnel proves Faulconer is not going to settle for workforce laisser faire.

City employees' managed competition work plans already saved millions of dollars a year. The city's new mission to set up a "a fiscally sound city government that provides effective services to our residents and visitors" is not too far from being accomplished.

Over ten thousand employees in the workforce can build up a lot of service gains.

The commitments that came back from the city departments in response to Faulconer's offer look good enough to close service gaps. Public Utilities raised the bar on response times on utility customer calls for service on water and wastewater lines, from 2012's 18 days to 10 days. The city, and its Human Resources Department, plans to hire innovative employees, and give them the training and skills "needed to deliver excellent service." Engineering & Capital Projects staff that take care of the city's real estate will build up their performance during "continuous training and education." Employees throughout the government will turn to the Information Technology Department to get the latest technology in their hands, and learn from technology training.

Sitting down ont he job is not an option in the Police Department and Environmental Services Department. Officers get two new work orders. Continuosly improve operations by spreading best practices in policing in the police force. And, find sources for new technologies that help officers better serve citizens. Work responsibility can not get any better than int he city department that works on turning San DIego green. Lead San DIegans on finding innovative ways to increase energy independence.

The city worker commitment the new Mayor made has the potential to end the times old government stubling blocks held back city work. San Diego employees can make the city second to none.

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