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Mayor Mike Duggan challenges churches to participate in city improvement

The State of the City address delivered by Mayor Mike Duggan on Wednesday, Feb. 26 get a resounding “Yes.”

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan challenges churches to get involved in improving the city.
Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

He addressed many issues and challenges the city has and encouraged the clergy to step up to the plate and adopt a park for the sake of the children.

Detroit’s new mayor laid out a plan to improve the city with supporting evidence of change already in progress in less than two months on the job.

The speech Duggan delivered was not on teleprompter, but demonstrated a strong managerial handle on running the city in a crowd of 500 guests.

This mayor talked about jobs coming to the city and the needs of children and babies being met, namely:

  • The D.O.D (Department of Defense) investing $120,000,000 in training in Technology, specifically through Focus Hope so individuals can secure manufacturing jobs.
  • “Make Your Day” – a program that supports pregnant women to deliver full-term babies.
  • 70 new EMS jobs – The city is hiring EMS Technicians at the upcoming Job Fair in Detroit Friday & Saturday.
  • More buses will be put on the line – currently there are not enough good running buses to get workers to their jobs.
  • Parks open this summer – 150 parks will be opened and maintained this summer, but 200 are needed. Duggan made an appeal to the churches, community and clergy to “adopt-a-park,” so that children, youth and families can enjoy summer programs.

You can go to the City of Detroit’s website to find out how you can play a role in improving our great city of Detroit.

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