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Mayor Faulconer begins new neighborhood revival work

Mayor Kevin Faulconer meets with workers during his campaign.
Mayor Kevin Faulconer meets with workers during his campaign.
Kevin Faulconer for Mayor

The neighborhood infrastructure and growth projects in store for the new Mayor, Kevin Faulconer, stand out an undone work reality on the city's work agenda. Faulconer, immediately after winning the election Tuesday night, by a secure margin, took up a plan to coperate with the Democratic candidate David Alvarez and the city council to get the job done.

"We will invest where we need help," he said.

City investments in the neighborhoods south of I-8 not managed by professional planned neighborhood developers will keep the Republican busy making good on the promise to revive the neighborhood jobs markets that stayed low in opportunities. Revitalization work depends on the private investments in businesses and jobs Faulconer counts on getting in return for the city's investments in blocks that can prop up strong enterprise markets.

Lowering nieghborhood investment limits to put money into needed services, now that the city budget funds stay ecure enough to hold a 14% reserve, becomes a city budget plan that wears out its usefulness. The Republican will not get side tracked, away from neighborhoo dinvestment work, by low funding limits.

He alreeady has a plan to work with city employee groups and labor unions. The second part of Bob Filner's mayoral term starts without labor troubles.

Time to work out the southern neighborhood investment plan with District 8 councilman David Alvarez, one of the southern area's progressive leaders who takes stands to guarantee locals get the growth they decide. Decisions made on new developmen tin Barrio Logan neighborhoods remains an unfinished public story.

Undertaking the work with Council President Todd Gloria, who Mayor Faulconer meets tonight at CIty Hall to take the mayoral transition step, will put the city's politicians to work on getting main recovery work done.

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