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Mayor dies wasp attack: Wasps swarm after mayor steps on nest, dies from venom

Mayor dies after stung by swarm of wasps.
Mayor dies after stung by swarm of wasps.
Wikimedia Commons

Lucie Roussel, the mayor of a community just outside of Montreal, lost her life on Sunday after she was attacked by a swarm of wasps. The 51-year-old mayor of La Prairie was on vacation when approximately 15 wasps attacked her, according to CNN News on July 23.

Roussel had served as mayor of her community since 2003 and she was away enjoying some down time when this freak accident of nature occurred and ended her life. A spokesperson for the town of La Prairie said the Roussel was not allergic to wasps.

NewsMax reports today that the mayor was attacked after accidentally stepping on a nest of the wasps. She was vacationing at her Straford home when the accident happened.

When paramedics arrived, they used an EpiPen, but the mayor died later at a hospital nearby. Although Roussel wasn't believed to have been allergic to wasps, she still could die from the wasp venom.

A doctor of emergency medicine at the hospital, Dr. Mitch Shulman, said that the large number of stings "could have produced a tremendous amount of venom and caused her death."

Medical officials said that Roussel died from "anaphylactic shock" after being attacked by over a dozen wasps. She is survived by her two adult children, Constance, who is 20, and 19-year-old Antonin. She had lost her husband several years ago after he died from a heart attack.

Shulman said that "Depending on your underlying health situation and your underlying medical problems, it's easily understandable how that might overwhelm your body's ability to protect itself." He was speaking about the amount of venom that the wasp stings entered into Roussel's system.

Roussel was a very well respected public figure and a popular mayor in the community of La Prairie. Her twitter page was filling up with condolences to her family along with nice thoughts about her being a caring leader of the city.

She was elected mayor of the city in 2005, but she served as interim mayor since 2003. She was recently voted in for a third term as mayor.

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