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Mayor DeBlasio makes crime pay in NY

Ken Burns with man who made a woman bleed in Central Park
Ken Burns with man who made a woman bleed in Central Park
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Those that use the idiom crime doesn’t pay haven’t lived in New York under Kaiser Wilhelm. (Bill DeBlasio) The Mayor stood by his promise to put an end to economic inequities and awarded forty million dollars to a group of five convicted felons. He also stated “As a city we have a moral obligation to right this injustice”. To understand this “injustice” we need to first understand the crime.

It was the spring of 1989 a holiday for school and the city that never sleeps was enjoying Central Park in their own ways. Few realized the storm that was brewing at the 102 street traverse of the park. A group of teens decided the way to enjoy the public park was to attack others using it. Their first victim was a homeless man, then a couple on bikes, two joggers and in total nine people savagely outnumbered and beaten with pipes and sticks. Encouraged by their success so far a group of 10 set their sights on a lone women jogger. Though she fought vainly she was overcome by sheer numbers. So as not to interfere with their fun they used her jogging pants stripped from her to gag and bind her hands to her head. After relentless beatings and fondling they left her for fresher meat.

At this point in time the police responding to calls about the mob at 102nd street began to make arrests. Even before the female jogger was found in a coma five of those arrested began to try to distance themselves from the attack and ended up implicating themselves in a crime not yet reported. Further police questioning four of which in the presence of their parents revealed details only participants would know. All five denied raping the jogger while admitting their part in the attack. McCray admitted holding her down, Wise to holding her legs apart, Santana to making a woman bleed, Richardson was able to guide police to the exact location.

As accomplices to the crime they were all brought to trial and convicted of rape and assault. Even though they never admitted raping her defense relied on the DNA evidence of only one person raped her. The conviction by their peers brought sentences from ten to fifteen years.

The appeals process concentrated on the DNA of one rapist who was later identified as someone serving a life sentence for an unrelated crime. It is reputed he told his cell mate in an act bordering on necrophilia he ran across an unconscious, bound and naked woman and could not pass it up. After the statute of limitation ran out he admitted to the act as a bit of kindness to the Central Park five.

Just a bit of judge shopping found Justice Charles Tejada willing not only to throw out the rape convictions but the assault ones as well, based upon the single rapist DNA. Compound that with a movie by Ken Burns about choir boys with the victim’s blood, their own seamen and the victim’s public hair inexplicably on their dirty underwear railroaded by the racist NYC police department. The icing on the suit was getting Sharpton who knows a thing or two about false rape claiming “As supporters we were viciously attacked”.

So the Mayor of the great city of New York decides to hand forty million dollars to these five who were not exonerated or found innocent but only gave the city the term wilding. Forty million would buy a lot of teachers, firemen, and police or even make a dent in NYC taxes. For commuters, tourists and residents of NYC let the buyer beware, crime now pays quite well in New York City.

Police report of crime (here)

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