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Mayor candidates supporter folds add weight to matchup

Well known political voices add cooperation plans to the mayoral guarantees voters agree on Tuesday.
Well known political voices add cooperation plans to the mayoral guarantees voters agree on Tuesday.
SD County

The names that joined the mayor candidates for the late campaign pitches Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez count on to give them the vote raised the line on the work the candidates promised SAn Diegans they will get done in office. President Obama's Saturday attempt to defeat Faulconer on the local recovery work revealed the local Democrat's plans to work side by side with the federal government on reviving the neighborhoods he counts on to grow the San Diego economy. "Today, with the city’s economy and neighborhoods poised to make progress there is no question that David is the right choice to be San Diego’s next mayor."

Alaverz confrimed the President's decision to step in. "Together, we can make San Diego a city that expands opportunity for all.” The Democrati Party, after a weekend Get out the Vote effort, needs a quick, but small, shoot up in Alvarez voters to secure a victory. 10News reported the latest poll shows the changing voter support counts are anything but steady, Alavrez pulling within 1 percent of the leading Faulconer's 47 percent, at 46 percent. Seven percent of voters reamining undecided.

Monday, a day Alvarez had not finishe his campaign runs, taking trips to Orange Line and BLue Line trolley stops, starting at 25th and Commercial, near his multi-use village project in the barrio, COMM22, and stopping at City College, before going on to Old Town, the plan to bring in more public voters was not over. The rides made public the plans to pick up work on transportation and transit conections to jobs centers. Governor Jerry Brown, today, agreed, a more productive San Diego will come from building opportunity in California's southern city. "“David Alvarez has been a leader in the community and on the City council, fighting for innovative policies that will grow the economy and protect the environment," he said. "He is the kind of Mayor San Diego needs."

Alvarez, taking the offer to deal with the state government on the local opportunity building, said, "I am looking forward to partnering with the Governor to create a stronger middle class and more opportunities for all San Diegans to be successful."

The end of last week, Faulconer, lined up his team of local mayors to set up mayoral work on county region growth made possible by private enterprise productivity. Seven mayors, calling cities from Chula Vista to Escondido home, agreed the incomp-lete recovery work will take leadership experience Faulconer has to finish. THe Vista Mayor, Judy Ritter, backed up Faulconer on a main campaign mandate, Faulconer will lower uncertainty on jobs. , “Kevin Faulconer will work to make sure good paying jobs are created right here in San Diego County. Kevin has been a leader in supporting our regional innovation economy. As mayor, Kevin will work to expand our tech and life science sectors by collaborating with our congressional delegation to bring more federal research grants to the San Diego region.”

The mayors agreed to work together with the city councilman former mayor Jerry Sanders, last Thursday, stood by for his work with the mayor overcoming a slow economy during years the city finances were used up by out of control pensions. “San Diego needs an experienced leader with the independence to continue the financial reforms that turned this City around," the former mayor said.

"As mayor, he will lead this City forward."

Now that the city has money in its budget, Faulconer counts on an opportunity to invest in a jump up in economic growth. "I will partner with all of San Diego County’s mayors to solve the complex transportation, energy, water and border issues facing our region. As mayor of San Diego, I will work every day to grow our economy and lead the entire region forward.”

NEar even in the mayor race, the District 2 and District 8 councilmen set up the last minute attempts at taking San Diego's biggest political honor.

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