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Maynard passed over as next in line to face Penn, Edgar to get title shot

Frank Edgar is next in line to face UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn.
Frank Edgar is next in line to face UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan talked about the possibility of Maynard earning the number one contender spot to the lightweight title with a win over Nate Diaz during the UFC Fight Night broadcast Monday night. Maynard defeated Diaz by split decision in the main event of the Fight Night card. However, reported yesterday that Frank Edgar, not Gray Maynard, will be the next in line to face B.J. Penn for the UFC lightweight title. The title fight between Penn and Edgar could take place at a tentatively scheduled April event in Abu Dhabi. 

Frank Edgar is 11-1 in his mma career, his only loss coming to none other than Gray Maynard. It seems unusual for a highly regarded and undefeated fighter like Maynard to be passed over for someone he defeated within the last two years.

One possible reason for Maynard's Monday night victory over Diaz not earning him the next title shot could be the fact that there were some boos from the crowd late in the fight. There were a few moments of stalemate in which the fighters sized each other up rather than engaging full force. Maynard decided to keep the fight standing up rather than use his wrestling abilities to take Diaz to the mat. He discussed his strategy in a postfight interview with His main concern about taking Diaz to the ground was Diaz's ability to work submissions from his back.