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Mayim Bialik still defending her choice to breast-feed toddler son

Bialik is a strong supporter of breast-feeding moms.

“Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik is once again defending her actions in choosing too breast feed her then 3-year old son Frederick on the subway more than two years ago.

“This was not a weak moment of parenting, but a conscious decision of how I could make my son happy and content during the moment,” she stated in a recent interview with HuffPost Live.

“What I like to point out is that was the best way for that subway ride to be pleasant for everyone. Besides, I don't believe you need to cover up a baby eating anymore than you need to cover a baby drinking a bottle," she continued.

Bialik’s comments coincide with a recent government study co-authored by CDC epidemiologist Cynthia Ogden linking a decline in toddler obesity to extended breastfeeding as a potential reason for a major decline in obesity among children 2-5 years old over the past 10 years.

The report released Tuesday showed that the obesity rate among pre-schoolers dropped from 14% to 8% during this time period, and has led some researchers believe breastfeeding helps children regulate their intake of food, helping to lower their obesity risk later in life.

They also noted that 49% of infants born in 2010, were still breastfeeding at 6 months, up from 35% in 2000, while the rate of those being breast-fed at 1 year of age jumped from 16%-27% during the same decade.
However, although Ogden and her colleagues found that obesity among children ages 2-5 decreased, the same results were not found in older children, causing some other experts to note that “even the improvement in toddlers wasn't a steady decline,” and express their own concern that it might be too soon to state for sure whether preschooler weight figures “are permanently curving down or merely jumping around.”

In addition to her current role as Amy Farrah Fowler on the “Big Bang Theory,” Bialik is a celebrity spokesperson for the Holistic Moms Network, and a founding member of the Shamayim V'Aretz Institute, “spiritual center devoted to incorporating learning and leadership around the intersecting issues of animal welfare activism, kosher veganism, and Jewish spirituality.”

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