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Mayhem 2010 - Band feature: KORN


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If you're the type that likes a good tease, than Korn has got you covered.  They built up to their release (pun Intended) this week with tantalizing samples of their new songs shared here and there and everywhere during past months.  Their new album: 'KORN III - Remember Who You Are' is so far sounding to be Billboard chart ranker.

The album, produced by Ross Robinson who had produced their first two albums, has a definitive Korn sound, but as the album title would suggest is reminiscent of earlier Korn albums.  They definitely take a new direction lyrically and the songs don't seem to stick to any one overall theme, but take the approach of what is going on in the moment and how it is perceived and dealt with.  A good example is their new single Oildale (Leave Me Alone) which they performed on the Jimmy Kimmel show earlier this month.  The song boasts lyrics like "Holding on to petty things! Feeling all the hate it brings! Why don't you just leave me alone!"  If there was any theme to be applied to the album, it would be that it is a testimony to silencing the world to determine who you really are, while being aware of every detail of everything around you at the same time.  It is an in your face reckoning of what you're made of and a challenge to hold everything in your hands and determine what is worth keeping and what needs to be let go.

Completely coincidental to their song title Oildale, Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis took a stand against the tragic BP oil spill  in the Gulf of Mexico last month by boycotting the company during the entire summer tour and is urging the other acts to do the same. 

To celebrate Korn's new album, Record Store Day is running a contest to win a Korn autographed guitar.  Its free to enter, so go here now and fill out your information. 

Still haven't gotten your fill of Korn yet - check out their performance, Korn Live - The Encounter on HDNet playing this Sunday at 6:30 PM.  This concert is released after a series of picture hints and messages to fans before it was announced. 

Korn will be performing at the Mayhem Festival at the Comcast Center in Mansfield on July 27th, and if you've never seen them live you're in for a tasty treat in a silver metal wrapper. If you buy their album there at their booth it will guarantee you a place in line to meet the band and get it signed.  Get your tickets here because they will no doubt play some new songs now that their album has been released.


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