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Mayfly burst onto the scene with debut E.P. Vereor Deus, Non Dogma

Emanating from the Midwest comes a raw, formidable force known as Mayfly. Their politically-charged message and sweaty, testosterone-laden music smacks the listener in the face with a colossal cacophony and a copious dose of hard-hitting truth. The blood-curdling screams of vocalist/guitarist Jared Lacey fuse with the aural assault of lead guitarist Joel Holycross and bassist Tony Joe Ford as well as the tumultuous drum machinations of Adam Thompson to forge a mammoth wall of sound. Harkening back to some of the elite Nu-Metal bands of the past (think old Deftones), the band scours the Midwest and surrounding areas amassing hordes of fans at each and every show. Shell-shocked fans are deeming Mayfly a "can't miss" live act.

The album title "Vereor Deus, Non Dogma" (releasing February 11, 2014 on Voluminous Records) is a Latin phrase which translates as "Fear God, Not Dogma." The band injects heady, conceptual elements into the imagery surrounding their work. The album cover was shot at the same time as the upcoming video for the first single "Eternal Respiration," and some from the "family friendly" crowd might consider the imagery overly graphic or devoid of redeeming value. But deeper analysis unearths the true grit of the message they seek to convey: in this day and age Christianity is under attack. An ominous future portends that Christians might be forced to choose between a belief in Christ and their very lives. So the underlying message encourages the listener to choose this day whom he/she will call master.

With the E.P. produced by Justin Moore (Corpus Christi, Great American Beast, Red Morning Voyage, The Beneath) under their belt, the band is just getting warmed up. After their recent signing with Nashville-based Voluminous Records, the band is already plotting the course for the follow-up to their soon-to-be-released debut. Together with the label, they're exploring options for a new producer, engineer and studio location. An inside source at the label confirms they already have a yet-to-be-named team in mind which, individually or collectively, have worked on other projects for the label.

For more information on Mayfly, visit: (Free Download)

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