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Mayflower Music Series Kicks Off On a Good Note

Maxine Micheals &  Chaka Khan
Maxine Micheals & Chaka Khan
Maxine Micheals & Chaka Khan- Courtesy Image

Take a look at how one city is using old measures and skilled talent to survive these harsh economic and cultural voids amongst us. Perhaps after hearing this story, you may want to plan the next spring or summer vacation around it. (DAC)
When a dear friend, colleague and Broadcast School Alumni announced the kickoff of the Mayflower Music Series, this Writer knew to be on standby to serve!
The name Maxine Michaels is a name a synonymous to music Jazz and other genres and all industry’s where it’s important to be seen or heard (or both); she is an authentic mover & shaker indeed. Her voice has been described as sultry, sensuous, versatile and indeed very powerful. Micheals hails from the city “that put the world on wheels and music in your ears: Motown.”
Otherwise known as “The D”, “the Motor City” and of course, it’s given name of “Detroit”, Maxine is a proud Michigander whose talents span the nation and beyond. After she graduated from Cass Technical High School, which is one of the top academic entity’s known as “A School of Excellence”- she took it up another notch. In comes Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts and Maxine Micheals capitalized on yet another opportunity to shine up her already rising star.
“But don’t tell Maxine that”…. This talented DIVA always maintains a set level of humility, through it all. The “Mayflower Music Series” takes place every first Friday of the month at the Detroit, MI based Mayflower Congregational United Church of Church and it serves many great purposes.
Primarily it's a gathering place for music lovers, it serves the musicians as a venue for performance, and it also it serves the community as a point of peace and goodwill. Maxine initiated the monthly music series at the start of 2013, and Maxine is currently serving the event series in a myriad of capacities. Including Artistic Director, Host, Producer and of course as a true Fan and Music Connoisseur of the “Mayflower Music Series” events. She remains committed to supporting music, live music appreciation and for hosting it with class and five star seamless service in the interim.
“We think of it as an alternative for those who don't frequent the night club or bar scene, but seek the enjoyment and appreciation for the elements of live artistry. It's a family friendly, cross culture event series, where a light meal nourishes the guest and there's always a great spirit of fellowship in the air” says Micheals.
We kicked off the start of this New Year 2014 featuring a performance of mammoth proportions with a giant tribute salute to a late Guitarist, Composer & Producer and Founder of “Lowe-Down Records Inc.”, Robert Lowe, Jr. Sunrise: July 2, 1948 – Sunset: December 23, 2013.
With well over 40-years of commitment in the music business a long list of Lowe's bandmates and friends will continue to celebrate and cherish his rich music legacy by performing in his honor. This noted event series has played host to both local, national and international audiences and we are thankful for each and every one of them!

Now amazingly enough, the series has been successful operating on a FREE/Donation basis thus far. We just ask that participants give whatever they're able to offer, but we are actively seeking confirmed financial sponsorships and gratefully accept any variation of donations too, in efforts to continue supporting the Arts and the Detroit based musicians, who support the series unconditionally. Ultimately, the cause is about preservation and restoration of a historic church that is serving the Community overall.

On the Mayflower stage Detroit based world class musicians are always celebrated. “But why wouldn’t they be, after all we are talking about the city that put music in your heart and ears, and earned the name “Motown!”
The Mayflower Congregational UCC is centrally located at 7301 Curtis Street Detroit, Michigan 48221-2632 and the Reverend James
Michael Curenton is the Church Senior Pastor.

Church Phone (313) 861-6450


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