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Mayer Hawthorne works for me!


Mayer Hawthorne
Once in a while I come across an artist that makes me do a double take, such an artist came my way today. I first heard Mayer Hawthorne last week at a party when the DJ slipped him in nonchalantly we danced but we all asked the person next to us “Who is this?” I finally got the answer but I must admit by the time the DJ was done with his set I forgot the name. During a routine twitter update that name popped up and I saw it and bingo! Mayer Hawthorne, that was it! I needed to Google this guy and find that song. I stumbled upon his MySpace Page where the below video was playing THAT WAS THE SONG!!! That’s when the double take occurred lol. And hot biscuits if he isn’t from Ann Arbor, MI! “Excellent!” I thought to myself, “Detroit we’ve done it again!”
Mayer Hawthorne’s single “Just Ain’t  Gonna Work Out” sounds like if Bilal were in a doo wop group with Slick Rick, Raphael Sadiqq, and BizMarkie. OK maybe not, but it’s really freakin cool. I know that sounded like a lot but it really something you have to experience to feel me. As if his retro vibe and throwback style wasn’t a feat in itself, here’s the bombshell! Mayer Hawthorne is an alter ego it’s really DJ/producer Haircut!
A swipe of Haircut’s bio:
Haircut has rocked clubs and concerts from Detroit to LA and Toronto to Tokyo. Now a greater Los Angeles resident, the Michigan born and bred triple-threat (DJ/Producer/Vocalist) has continued down the path he started following over 12 years ago. He's performed with heavyweights such as Eminem, Mos Def, The Black Eyed Peas, De La Soul, Ludacris, The Pharcyde, and Slum Village just to name a few. He is one third of Now On (A Detroit to LA hip-hop and soul outfit) and produces much of the group's music. Between shows, he has been working on beats and projects for several local and national artists as well as DJing a popular weekly at Room 5 in Hollywood.
Ok …I’ll be the first to admit that Haircut dude is bananas! But can we get back to the topic at hand here? Mayer Hawthorne is like David Bowie mixed with John Mayer, mixed with The Temptations with just a hint of Maxwell or maybe Smokey!! Did that help? No? Ah well, go see for yourself.  Hey all I know is that he is sick! YOU try putting a label on this guy. Even Justin Timberlake took a stab at it, describing his sound, something about waffles, Tuesdays, and strawberries???
Ok so here are some facts that I got from various sources:
He wrote and played all of his songs.
He plays several instruments including; Bass, Drums, Piano, Guitar, Clarinet and Glockenspiel.
As of late his musical inspirations are Smokey Robinson and Lamont Dozier (Holland, Dozier, Holland).
He is quoted as saying “Detroit has more soul than any city on earth.”
He was never formally trained and he is a vinyl junkie by nature.
He got signed to Stonsethrow Records after label head Peanut Butter Wolf heard only two songs.
He put out the most awesome 45 I’ve ever seen! (no seriously check that out!)
With all of that said please enjoy this video as much as I did!
For more info: Mayer Hawthorne


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    Great article. I can't wait to check out his music!