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Mayer Hawthorne steals the hearts of San Diegans

Mayer Hawthorne live at the House of Blues San Diego
Mayer Hawthorne live at the House of Blues San Diego
Photo: Lauren Wilson


The only word I could think of that best describes Michigan crooner Mayer Hawthorne. Like a modern day Elvis, his presence on stage could make men and women alike fall in love with his smooth voice and stylish dress.

Mayer Hawthorne fuses the retro soul and motown of yesteryear and today’s biggest pop influences into a nice little package, like Hall & Oates reborn into a suave, yet slightly nerdy, crooner. A talented multi-instrumentalist, the Grammy nominated artist has been teaming up with A-list producers and artists, such as Pharrell and Pitbull, to make his mark in reviving old style music and bringing it back into the mainstream.

Playing at the sold out House of Blues, Mayer Hawthorne, brought in one of the most diverse crowds I’ve seen in a while. From young to old, the venue was literally packed wall to wall. As he and the band appeared, they were met with cheers and jeers. Jumping into the first song of the night, “Back Seat Lover,” Hawthorne instantly displayed his expert showmanship and synchronized dance moves as he and his two band mates on the wings stepped and spun to the music. Playing through a range of his songs from his three studio albums as well as singles such as “No Strings” and “The Walk,” Hawthorne danced and grooved through the night and the audience did the same. Hands extended in the air, empty or clenching a phone or camera to get a cheeky photo of the performers, it was a night for everyone to just let go and have a great time.

It should be noted that it wasn’t just Hawthorne that made the show, but the interplay with the band. The tightness of all five of them equally showcased their individual talent as musicians. Effortlessly getting through the songs allowed them to move around, interact, and all in all keep the energy of the show going.

Ending the night with the title track off of his newest album, Where Does This Door Go, and a crowd favorite, “The Ills,” Mayer Hawthorne and the band left the crowd on a high.

Mayer Hawthorne will be touring throughout the states for the rest of the month and into early March. If he comes to a city near you, check him out. You won’t be disappointed.

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