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MAYDAY for Tier V expansion of federal unemployment benefits

Indiana recently hit 9.9% unemployment.  Yet, Indiana's Senators and other elected officials have not made any official statement about their stance on expanding the current federal emergency unemployment compensation program.  This may change with the growing swell of urgency felt by the unemployed and jobless.  One need look no further than comments made by readers to this writer's various articles to know that the long term unemployed are hopeless.

Tier V MAYDAY to fax congress, senate and white house to add more unemployment benefits
by Ellen Corcella

This situation is repeated across the country.  The Rochester Unemployment Examiner has reported that both  New York Senators have failed to return calls regarding this issue.

In turn, the lack of response from Washington, D.C. is igniting a fire under the unemployed to organize and let their voice be heard.  One of those organizing groups is "Tier V to Survive."  This group is organizing a virtual protest   -- MAYDAY SOS for Tier V  -- on Washington for this Friday and next Monday, April 30th and May 3rd, respectively.  

Promoters of the MAYDAY protest want participants to fax their senators, legislators and the White House on Friday and again Monday.  According to the supporters, the top of the fax must contain the following language "MAYDAY SOS Tier V to survive."  After that, the organizers encourage participants to outline the impact of unemployment in their lives and the lives of their family.

The fax numbers for Indiana's Senators are:

Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN):  (202) 228-1377

Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) (202) 228-0360

Fax numbers for all Senators may be found at


Stay Tuned:  More on impact of MAYDAY protest and increasing organization of the unemployed.

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  • RMM 5 years ago

    Tired, c increasingly-health-detriments, of having MY EUC being challenged.

    Try sucking-on-this Pelosi. You ignore the needs of your constituents?

    Wanna' share some of your wines, your hundreds-of-acres in NAPA Valley are producing?

    You ignore those that MOST need your help. You "diminuize" them. You consider them "under-you"!

    Bitch. Suck-on-that.

    You'll "Burn-in-white-Hell", Ignoramus.
    Sure, delete this as you have thousands-of-others.

    You don't have what it takes, to make serious, nationally, life-changing decisions for those-of-us that have fallen-victim-to the worst-case scenario, since '32!
    And you're "Running-the-House"?

    Not after the next election...

  • 99ers 5 years ago

    "Feel your pain" RMM.Good luck and God bless. I am also a 99er.

  • discouraged 5 years ago

    We will be heard as more and more people exhaust benefits. There are simply no jobs out there to pay bills. We are not lazy, this is the action of the economy at work. Government needs to fix it. Give us a Tier 5.

  • discouraged 5 years ago

    We will be heard as more and more people exhaust benefits. There are simply no jobs out there to pay bills. We are not lazy, this is the action of the economy at work. Government needs to fix it. Give us a Tier 5.

  • SANDY ROMEO 5 years ago

    Due to so many illegalls that are here,who knows how many years, all of the jobs taken by them. I have being workig for so many years and today my wife and I find our self without a job and without knowing if we are going to be stable any time soon, This is a bad situtation to be in and haven to think that we may be homeless is very scary and weather if there maybe any food to put on the table.I also feel that the benefit should be extended for the 99er because until jobs resufaces these pepole pay into the ui as long they worked and they are today our Mother,Father Brothers, Sister, friends,co worker United we can stop others from taking the jobs that belong to who have the right paper work and the skills to do the job Shame on those who come and take other ID and work for companys that just want to save a buck but more Shame on those companys. Americans are not suppose to encounter these problems,In addition. They should be able to work with out paying another price.

  • Susie 5 years ago

    There are pros and there are cons to the need for a tier v unemployment extension, and they are easy to tell apart. People with jobs, feel there is no need for it, and the unemployeed people feel the desperation for it.
    Now if were only as easy to find a solution without so many people having to endure such a fincial nightmare, just to survive!!!! it is a hard pill to swallow to work hard all of your life to end up in the same boat as someone who never worked at all! is this what is referred to as the circle of life, where you end up biting yourself in the ass?

  • jerry 5 years ago

    im a single dad of 3 and have worked my whole life with out any help from our goverment and now that plp need the help there is none i will b on the streets with 3 kids soon if our gov doesnt do anything to help out we help all other countrys but our own i look for work daily and cant get a job at the moment and wen voting time comes again i no who not to vote for its easy for all of them tp play with our lives for they r all rich and have no worries it is sad to have to wait and listen to them argue over something that should b fixed now

  • Anonymous 4 years ago


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